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adj. thorn·i·er, thorn·i·est
1. Having many thorns or abounding in thorn-covered vegetation: thorny shrubs; a thorny landscape.
2. Spiny or prickly.
3. Controversial, problematic, or vexatious: avoided discussing thorny issues during the meeting.

thorn′i·ly adv.
thorn′i·ness n.
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Noun1.thorniness - the quality of being covered with prickly thorns or spines
raggedness, roughness - a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven
2.thorniness - a rough and bitter mannerthorniness - a rough and bitter manner    
disagreeableness - an ill-tempered and offensive disposition
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Rossetti's "rose with scarce a thorn" that "drooped, and all its gay increase / Was but one thorn that wounded me" (Christina Rossetti 214, lines 3, 6-7) could be a subtle reference to the rose of Jericho as, indeed, a far more effective metaphor for mortality and potentiality than the common rose and its unambiguous and hackneyed thorniness.
The thorniness of Downriver's narrative and the droumy nature of its subject matter attest to an ambitious undertaking for a first-time feature, and raising more questions than the film can answer--as well as including more perspectives than it requires--is indicative of an unmistakably queer voice, sounding from outside the established hegemony, that Australian cinema needs.
Templeman W (1987) Lengdi-weight relationships, morphometric characteristics and thorniness of thorny skate (Raja radiata) from the Northwest Atlantic.
Still, Huckabee made no bones about the political thorniness of immigration, volunteering that he has long taken heat for championing legislation in Arkansas that let undocumented immigrants qualify for in-state tuition.
If you think about it, it spotlights the messy human goo, the thorniness of human experience in a way.
In the past few years, Brazil's consumer protection legislation even has led to some thorniness in trade negotiations with its neighbors in Mercosul.
It is not as if predicting what courts will decide, or choosing to hew to an executive branch centered jurisprudence will eliminate the uncertainty, ambiguity, and thorniness of legal questions.
Though the thorniness of Danny's relationship with his father is extreme, it speaks of realistic tensions.
Indeed, I think Anthony's fundamental shyness was what was responsible for some of that thorniness with which some colleagues associated him.
Lilienthal gave hopeful answers to his own questions that day, yet he recognized their thorniness in the "turbulent times in which we live.
Although not about the thorniness of race relations as is Monster's Ball, Up grapples with the much less studied but no less important issue of aging.
Von Hallberg offers the most trenchant defense of Dora's poetical thorniness, arguing that "stony dogmatism is intended as a means of exploration.