thoroughbred racing

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Noun1.thoroughbred racing - the sport of racing thoroughbred horsesthoroughbred racing - the sport of racing thoroughbred horses
horse racing - the sport of racing horses
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Bermuda Thoroughbred Racing Limited named an Acclamation colt Johnny Barnes in honour of the legendary local, who for 30 years waved cheerily at commuters every morning by the Crow Lane roundabout.
The author gathers vintage thoroughbred racing images from a variety of sources, and recounts the life and times of the horses, jockeys, and owners pictured.
Prospector', who had only a modest racing career in terms of wins and losses, when put out to stud in 1975 went on to have an impact on Thoroughbred racing that is almost legendary in scope among horse racing enthusiasts.
Reminiscent of the writing of Dick Francis, Newman skillfully weaves a story around the thoroughbred racing stables and race tracts.
Each spring, racehorse owners eagerly await the greatest racing competitions: The Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.
Daily Racing Form (DRF; New York), the 110-year-old daily newspaper covering thoroughbred racing, and related assets have been acquired by the Wicks Group of Companies (New York) from an company controlled by Alpine Equity Partners (New York).
More than 600 guests participated in a day of thoroughbred racing, memorabilia auctions and high stakes wagering, following a champagne brunch at the Turf & Field Club.
Minister for Racing Matt Conlan has appointed long-time Territorian and successful businessman Justin Coleman as the new Chairman of Thoroughbred Racing Northern Territory (TRNT).
Abu Dhabi Tourist Authority support of UK thoroughbred racing as a vehicle for publicising its tourist prospects is very welcome, and the spectacle of an occasional arabian race doesn't offend me, but there is no common sense in embedding them into the middle of thoroughbred cards at a peak time for the British racing and betting public.