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1. The state of being in the power of another person or under the sway of an influence: "a people in thrall to the miracles of commerce" (Lewis H. Lapham).
a. One, such as a slave or serf, who is held in bondage.
b. One who is in the power of another or under the sway of an influence.
tr.v. thralled, thrall·ing, thralls Archaic
To enslave.

[Middle English, slave, slavery, from Old English thrǣl, slave, bondman, from Old Norse thrǣll.]

thrall′dom, thral′dom n.
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or thral•dom

(ˈθrɔl dəm)

the state of being a thrall; bondage; slavery; servitude.
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Noun1.thralldom - the state of being under the control of another personthralldom - the state of being under the control of another person
subjection, subjugation - forced submission to control by others
bonded labor - a practice in which employers give high-interest loans to workers whose entire families then labor at low wages to pay off the debt; the practice is illegal in the United States
servitude - state of subjection to an owner or master or forced labor imposed as punishment; "penal servitude"
serfdom, serfhood, vassalage - the state of a serf
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or thraldom
A state of subjugation to an owner or master:
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The act challenged the old guard of Korean art and represented Lee's desire to break free from the thralldom of the past.
Sador is the lame household servant of Hurin and Morwen; Gwindor, an elf, is only a shadow of his former self, following his imprisonment by Morgoth, and his escape from thralldom; Brandir, while a skillful leader of the men of Brethil, is lame and cannot rival Turin in love or leadership.
He has continued this, murdering rivals and family members in horrific ways, and keeping a population of millions in abject thralldom As talks continue, we can only hope that Trump realizes that any meaningful peace will have to address the human rights outrages that prop up his new negotiating partner The above editorial appeared in the Dallas Morning News.
But given the majority of the people living in the thralldom of sardars, waderas, some of them are pirs as well, and in the cities clout of industrial tycoons and their nominees, they and their scions are likely to be elected.
Keynes, while having moved beyond the thralldom of Moore's ethical influence, was still committed to maintaining an ethical perspective.
They also fled bondage during the chaos of war or bought themselves out of thralldom when possible.
we have none to blame for our thralldom but ourselves" (42).
Percy Bysshe Shelley's masochistic stances are a sweetly Christological template for cum-bucket consciousness--as when he writes (in the 1819 Prometheus Unbound, that proof-text of thralldom's occasional potential to become exalted flight), "Insufferable might!
The supposed Renaissance was a disordered interlude between sane universes, a bedlam of distraught world pictures terrorized by a witch universe created by leaders with fear-crazed minds, an age in thralldom to a mad universe on the rampage, which would have destroyed European society but for the intervention of science.
"It is also true," Carew adds, "that the idea of sailing west in order to reach China and India would never have crystallised in a mind trapped in the thralldom of medieval superstition, the way Columbus' mind was when he left his lowly birthplace outside of Genoa".
Freedom that was wrested from the Rajapaksa presidency, after a decade of slavery and thralldom after January 09th, has been taken to such extremism where they even went to the extent of defying court orders and constitutional protection of the minorities.
The settlement came when Councilman Andrew Touma broke free of the thralldom of the spend today and pay tomorrow mayor--by voting to approve the settlement of One Niagara taxes at a figure that the judge approved and which saw the city pick up $1.5 million last year instead of fighting for the next four years in state supreme court and paying another $100,000 to Hodgson Russ and possibly losing the case altogether.