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adj. thread·i·er, thread·i·est
1. Consisting of or resembling thread; filamentous.
2. Capable of forming or tending to form threads; viscid.
3. Medicine Weak and shallow. Used of a pulse.
4. Lacking fullness of tone; thin: a thready voice.

thread′i·ness n.
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adj, threadier or threadiest
1. of, relating to, or resembling a thread or threads
2. (Medicine) med (of the pulse) barely perceptible; weak; fine
3. sounding thin, weak, or reedy: a thready tenor.
ˈthreadiness n
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(ˈθrɛd i)

adj. i•er, i•est.
1. consisting of or resembling a thread or threads; filamentous.
2. stringy or viscid, as a liquid.
3. (of the pulse) thin and feeble.
4. (of sound, the voice, etc.) weak; feeble.
thread′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.thready - forming viscous or glutinous threads
thick - relatively dense in consistency; "thick cream"; "thick soup"; "thick smoke"; "thick fog"
2.thready - thin in diameter; resembling a thread
thin - of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section; "thin wire"; "a thin chiffon blouse"; "a thin book"; "a thin layer of paint"
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References in classic literature ?
His features were peaky and sallow, and his little pointed beard was thready and ill-nourished.
"Absolute exhaustion--possibly mere hunger and fatigue," said I, with my finger on the thready pulse, where the stream of life trickled thin and small.
We decided to watch a video on my laptop to kill some time after the whole town shut down (there's very thready internet service to be had, so Netflix and hours of posting to Instagram are kind of off the list of available pastimes).
31 (Saba) - Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Dars along with Charge d'affaires of the Governor of Hodeidah Mohamed Qahim inaugurated Thready unloading of the gas tanker called "GAS ODYSSEY" which reached Thursday to the floating dock at the port of Hodeidah after six months of interruption caused by the aggression coalition's all-out siege imposed on Yemen.
The Physiological index (PI) of the patients was defined as follows: Those in stable condition=5, conscious with systolic blood pressure less than 80 mmHg=10, semiconscious patients with thready pulse, gasping respiration and no measurable blood pressure=15 and unconscious patients with no vital signs, respiratory effort, physical activity but with some sign of life in transit to hospital to having the highest PI score of 20.4
And the grey haired man with trousers going thready draws too close, bad teeth and worse breath, asking, where is security, where is security Americans promised?
Reflecting Day-Lewis's cadaverous appearance, there is certainly no fat on this lean and sinuous affair which is far Thready or not: Krieps is mesmerising removed from cuddly Sunday night TV drama.
His vital signs were: blood pressure 100/60 mm/Hg, pulse 124 beats/minute (regular, rapid, and thready), respiratory rate 29 breaths/min and regular, and temperature 39[degrees]C.
days Headache Yes Yes Yes Myalgia Yes Yes Yes Nausea Yes Yes Yes Prostration Yes Yes Yes Retroorbital pain Yes Yes Yes 2 patients Adenomegaly Yes Yes No Chills Yes No Yes Dizziness Yes Yes No Low back pain No Yes Yes Taste alteration Yes Yes No Vomiting Yes No Yes 1 patient Anorexia No No Yes Cold extremities Yes No No Cough Yes No No Dyspnea No Yes No Eye congestion No Yes No Eye redness perception No Yes No ([dagger]) Hemoconcentration No No Yes Hoarseness No Yes No Leukopenia No Yes No Oropharyngeal pain Yes No No Otalgia No Yes No Pruritus No Yes No Thready pulse Yes No No * No patients had exanthema.
The pulse rate was more rapid and thready. The respiration was more exaggerated and showed dyspnoea.
His book, "Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet", described the observation of weak and thready radial pulse in palpitations.