three times

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Adv.1.three times - by a factor of three; "our rent increased threefold in the past five years"
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But my grandfather pleaded hard, for he knew the Monkeys would drown in the river with their wings tied, and Quelala said a kind word for them also; so that Gayelette finally spared them, on condition that the Winged Monkeys should ever after do three times the bidding of the owner of the Golden Cap.
Billy, strong fella too much ten fella three times.
But she was in a mood when it is almost physically disagreeable to interrupt the stride of one's thought, and she walked up and down two or three times under the trees before approaching his staircase.
For having written "a scandalous and seditious pamphlet" Defoe was condemned to pay a large fine, to stand three times in the pillory, and to be imprisoned during the Queen's pleasure.
D'Artagnan fought three times with Rochefort, and wounded him three times.
Only three times a year did he go out to church, and when necessary he went out to fetch water and wood.
The slave was repre- sented as having run away from his master three times.
On the surface of the earth the force of gravity is three times what it is on the surface of Mars.
The man ate stolidly some mess which had been stewing in a sauce-pan against his coming; he stared at his plate; his wife looked at him two or three times, with little startled glances, and then quite silently began to cry.
Once, twice, thrice, he struck, and three times Little John turned the blows to the left hand and to the right.
And there's one key there, three times as big as all the others, with deep notches; that can't be the key of the chest of drawers .
Sancho repeated it three times, and as he did, uttered three thousand more absurdities; then he told them more about his master but he never said a word about the blanketing that had befallen himself in that inn, into which he refused to enter.