three-base hit

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three-base hit

n. Baseball
See triple.
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(ˈtrɪp əl)

adj., n., v. -pled, -pling. adj.
1. threefold; consisting of three parts.
2. of three kinds; threefold in character or relationship.
3. three times as great.
4. an amount, number, etc., three times as great as another.
5. a group, set, or series of three; triad.
6. Also called three-base hit. a hit in baseball that enables a batter to reach third base safely.
7. (in bowling) three strikes in succession.
9. to make triple.
10. to cause (a base runner) to come into home plate by a triple.
11. to become triple.
12. to make a triple in baseball.
[1325–75; Middle English < Latin triplus (adj.) =tri- tri- + (du)plus duple]
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Noun1.three-base hit - a base hit at which the batter stops safely at third basethree-base hit - a base hit at which the batter stops safely at third base
base hit, safety - (baseball) the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely
line triple, line-drive triple - a triple resulting from a line drive
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He stole 41 in 1912, which is more than the distance hitters of today will steal in their entire careers, for the stolen base, like the three-base hit, has gone out of style.
Marist loaded the bases in the third inning, and Burke broke a scoreless tie with her three-base hit. Willamette got to her in the fourth when Allison Cook singled in a run and then scored on a double by Lanae Gayle.
A triple would have meant an historic, and unlikely, cycle for Molina, and Shalin eventually made just that ruling - three-base hit - even though Patterson got a glove on the ball.
(7) Wilson said of his record, "A three-base hit may usually be made only by driving the ball clear to the fence, particularly toward center field on most grounds."(8) Whatever the cause of Wilson's outburst, nobody is likely to hit 36 triples again anytime soon.
While it contradicts conventional baseball wisdom to put the winning run on base, Roberts appeared to be in control and had a considerably easier time with the on-deck hitter Donn Clendenon, with Clendenon going only 2-for-8 against Roberts on August 11 and 21, while whiffing four times (including in the seventh of the same game right after Jones's three-base hit).