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Noun1.three-dimensionality - the property of having three dimensions
dimensionality - the spatial property of having dimensions; "all matter has dimensionality"
cubicity - the property of resembling a cube
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Holographic foil stamping on the front and top panels gives the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality.
You can get good shots in the middle of the day, but I prefer to shoot with early morning or late afternoon light, when the sunlight is raking across gardens, throwing shadows which add three-dimensionality and depth to your photos.
Meanwhile, the tour de force work in the two shows was a new rope drawing, a form of O'Doherty's invention in which panels of color painted on the walls align with ropes strung from walls, floor, and ceiling in such a way that as the viewer navigates the piece, these panels can suddenly seem to pop into three-dimensionality.
Each student glues the ring onto the finished project, which adds three-dimensionality to the composition.
To illuminate these iconic elements, HLB selected halogen uplights set in a ring formation inside the fountain, "bringing a three-dimensionality to the space," says Aghassian.
To move through the ten sections of this themed exhibition is, then, to witness the expressive possibilities of three-dimensionality under the pressure of antiquity's inspiration as explored and developed by the artists of this final phase of Florence's civic culture as the new Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem all rolled into one.
The vessel's surface was carved, which enhanced its three-dimensionality and set up a palpable tension.
Among the topics are predicting protein-protein interactions between and within species to facilitate systems biology studies, the importance of three-dimensionality for modulators of protein-protein interactions, interactive technologies for leveraging the known chemistry of anchor residues to disrupt protein interactions, inhibiting LFA-1//ICAM interaction to treat autoimmune disease, potent and selective orally available oxytocin antagonists restosiban and epelsiban, and peptidic inhibitors of protein-protein interactions for cell adhesion receptors.
Finally, our tissues are highly cellular, comprised of cells and the proteins those cells produce, without dependence on biomaterials or scaffold for three-dimensionality.
There are some classy actors here - Karl Howman, Bob Saul, Clare Wilkie, Graham Seed - who bring three-dimensionality to their parts.
They might have translated this phrase--which, like nearly all of the first paragraph of Bede's chapter, comes from Pliny's Natural History--in such a way that would have suggested the three-dimensionality of the earth, such as, for example, "the whole sphere of lands" or, more generally, "the entire world.

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