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Noun1.three-dimensionality - the property of having three dimensions
dimensionality - the spatial property of having dimensions; "all matter has dimensionality"
cubicity - the property of resembling a cube
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The viewer would have lost all sense of three-dimensionality. VBx2 with its one percent reflectance provides just enough of a hint of shape.'
She discusses the child reader and their physicalized reading practices, then different types of novelty books from 1835 to 1914: the panorama and how various configurations shape or reject visual narratives; the pop-up book and its three-dimensionality; the dissolving-view book and the publisher Ernest Nister, who frequently appeared in his own publications; and mechanical books, particularly how those by Lothar Meggendorfer presented and dehumanized characters associated with professional, subcultural, and racial types.
"Instead of a map with a resolution the size of a chair that you'd sit at your desk in, we have a map of the topography, the three-dimensionality, of this new island that's good to the size of a few fingers," he said.
A subtle interplay and juxtaposition of concave and convex surfaces lends a sense of three-dimensionality to the body, yet also creates an impression of great naturalness which can be seen in the way the flows needed to increase aerodynamic efficiency were optimised.
In effect, she flattens out the same elements that so inspired Kennedy for their depth and tactility; her representations are shallow enough that they risk denying their three-dimensionality, even as they draw attention to moments of physical touch and implied movement.
Massey gives these women the necessary three-dimensionality required to elevate them from the easy stereotype of the 'oppressed, secluded Muslim woman.' Their lives, and the ways in which gendered practices of their religious communities affect their agency, are paralleled deftly with the misogyny Perveen faces as a woman in the completely male-dominated law school in Bombay she attends, as well as misogynist practices she faces within the Zoroastrian community, such as the custom of menstrual confinement that was practiced even within some elite, educated Parsi families.
What's more, thanks to advances in imaging technology, Canon is opening-up new expressive avenues, where texture, three-dimensionality and a sense of realism can be recreated in both still images and videos, to support appealing imaging experiences.
I was 100-percent sure that the three-dimensionality, and even the four-dimensionality, was going to happen.
Rashid's installations are 'hybrids' of painting and sculpture, where he increasingly experiments with three-dimensionality using aluminium, stainless steel, and other mediums.
The GMT Earth is designed around the concept of three-dimensionality, including-but not limited to-the ability to regard our Earth in 360AaAaAe vision, from the North Pole on the dial side to the South Pole through the caseback.
Shaikh Rashid's installations are 'hybrids' of painting and sculpture, where he increasingly experiments with three-dimensionality using aluminium, stainless steel and other mediums.

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