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Adj.1.three-figure - (of numbers) written with three figures; "100 through 999 are three-figure numbers"
quantitative - expressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement; "export wheat without quantitative limitations"; "quantitative analysis determines the amounts and proportions of the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture"
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As the rumor that a "three-figure" pocket- handkerchief was to be at the ball, had preceded my appearance, a general buzz announced my arrival in the salle a manger-salons.
It was only the next day that I discovered the reason we were thus neglected; for, to own the truth, something had occurred which suddenly brought "three-figure," and even "two-figure" people of our class into temporary disrepute.
ARGUABLY the mainstay of Pakistan batting who is now overdue for a three-figure knock in this World Cup to add to his nine ODI tons, Babar Azam often flatters to deceive after getting his eye in.
Azhar, whose last hundred was against the West Indies in Dominica in May last year, took 210 balls to reach the three-figure mark.
He talked the innocent couple into handing over a three-figure sum of cash and fled.
The fashion show was held in aid of school funds, with a three-figure sum raised - proving worthy recognition of the youngsters'hard work and dedication.
IT WAS excellent to see Luke Harvey land the Broadcaster of the Year award at the HWPA bash on Monday, something that would surely have been a three-figure price around 18 months ago.
After Roy went within one more boundary of three figures, lbw when he missed a full ball from Miguel Cummins after 11 fours and a six from just 70 balls, Bairstow was joined by Joe Root in another untroubled and this time unbroken three-figure stand.
He said: "It was a long knock, it took it out of me a little bit but it was good to get across the line (and get a century) ." Mitchell and D'Oliveira gave Worcestershire early impetus to their reply with a hundred stand in 22 overs - their third three-figure stand of the summer.
She was pushed to the side by two men who stole a three-figure sum she had withdrawn.
BBER escaped with a three-figure sum after pointing a gun at a petrol A ROBBER escaped with a three-figure sum after pointing a gun at a petrol station attendant.
But the bogus pair made off with a three-figure sum when they tried the con for a third time at an address in Crossmyloof.