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Adj.1.three-pronged - having three prongs
divided - separated into parts or pieces; "opinions are divided"
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An ax will be useful, a hunting spear not bad, but a three-pronged fork will be best of all: a Frenchman is no heavier than a sheaf of rye.
She thought of the child consigned to the nethermost corner of hell, as its double doom for lack of baptism and lack of legitimacy; saw the arch-fiend tossing it with his three-pronged fork, like the one they used for heating the oven on baking days; to which picture she added many other quaint and curious details of torment sometimes taught the young in this Christian country.
'We have intensified our three-pronged approach, which has contributed greatly to our operations.
BALLYDOYLE will mount a three-pronged challenge against the mighty Stradivarius in the Group 1 Qatar Goodwood Cup today, saddling Southern France (Ryan Moore), plus three-year-olds South Pacific (Wayne Lordan) and Harp Marx (Andrea Atzeni).
Muscat: Apple has asked customers in Oman to return a certain type of three-pronged charger plug because of a risk of electrocution.
The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has adopted a three-pronged strategy in a bid to further enhance the government's war against illegal drugs.
The three-pronged plugs, primarily used in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, were sold with Mac computer and mobile devices between 2003 and 2010, as well as part of the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.
Jiam Quiambao led the Kapampangan's three-pronged attack with 34 points with 13 rebounds while Jacob Delfino added 18 points while coming away with three steals.
A joint force of the 27th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Army carried out a three-pronged military operation this morning in the eastern province of Anbar to pursue criminal Daesh gangs and comb the areas of Beni Zaid and Rafayat to the border of Samarra.
ISLAMABAD -- The Petroleum Division has submitted with the Federal Cabinet a three-pronged strategy to address the issue of approximately Rs50 billion worth annual gas losses, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Summary: Three-pronged strategy to help victims reintegrate into their communities