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Adj.1.three-wheeled - of or relating to vehicles having three wheels; "a three-wheel bike"
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After a breakfast, which was an exact replica of the meal of the preceding day and an index of practically every meal which followed while I was with the green men of Mars, Sola escorted me to the plaza, where I found the entire community engaged in watching or helping at the harnessing of huge mastodonian animals to great three-wheeled chariots.
ENPNewswire-August 21, 2019--Polaris Slingshot Partners with the Florida Gators Offering Fans a Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Experience the 'Ultimate Joyride' During the Gator Walk; Fans Can Win Game Tickets & Lead the Gator Walk in a Gators-themed Three-Wheeled Slingshot Roadster
6) announced revisions to Taiwan's traffic safety regulations, allowing larger electric-powered three-wheeled delivery vehicles to soon hit the roads in Taiwan.
Quebec, Canada-based Campagna Motors has said that it will restart production and sales of its three-wheeled vehicles in 2019.
He said the series of road safety action plans which will be developed to implement the strategy would , address all roads and all road users, especially vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists,pedestrians and passengers in three-wheeled vehicles.
Scooters, motorcycles and three-wheeled cargo scooters will be produced at the facility.
A WOMAN of 72 with a three-wheeled Zimmer frame has gone missing from her North home, police say.
Models include four three-wheeled machines compact enough to operate in aisles as narrow as 10 feet 3 inches with a 48-volt battery, two 6.36-horsepower traction motors and 11.5-horsepower lifting motor.
In the agreement, TVS will supply the three-wheeled vehicles to CamGO using local firm Three Wheel Motor Service Provider as an intermediary.
Ideal for loading and unloading trucks in logistics centers, stores, warehouses, distribution centers and procurement centers, the line includes four compact three-wheeled machines that can maneuver in narrow aisles.