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n. pl. thren·o·dies
A poem or song of mourning or lamentation.

[Greek thrēnōidiā : thrēnos, lament + aoidē, ōidē, song; see ode.]

thre·no′di·al (thrə-nō′dē-əl), thre·nod′ic (-nŏd′ĭk) adj.
thren′o·dist n.
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(ˈθrɛnədɪ; ˈθriː-) or


n, pl threnodies or threnodes
(Poetry) an ode, song, or speech of lamentation, esp for the dead
[C17: from Greek thrēnōidia, from thrēnos dirge + ōidē song]
threnodial, threnodic adj
threnodist n
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(ˈθrɛn ə di)

n., pl. -dies.
a poem, speech, or song of lamentation, esp. for the dead; dirge.
[1615–25; < Greek thrēnōidía=thrên(os) dirge + -ōid(ḗ) song (see ode) + -ia -y3]
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threnody, threnode a

song, musical composition, or literary work created to honor or commemorate the dead; a funeral song. — threnodist, n. — threnodic, adj.
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A funeral song or dirge.
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Noun1.threnody - a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person
keen - a funeral lament sung with loud wailing
song, vocal - a short musical composition with words; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"
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canto fúnebretreno


[ˈθrenədɪ] Nlamento m; (for the dead) → canto m fúnebre
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n (Liter) → Threnodie f
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His Cello Concerto is a patchwork: the opening Fantasia from the 1930s was completed, the second movement Threnody orchestrated by Christopher Palmer in 1992 and now Jonathan Clinch has used Howell's sketches to devise an allegro finale.
Granted that the PML-N was poor performer, the star performer (PTI) should now start counting its deeds rather than reading threnody of the PML-N each time it is asked to perform'.
The "he was robbed" threnody for Bernie Sanders is considerably less compelling, but it raises valid points.C Relief arrives with "but there's hope!" scenes, which depict insurgent Democrats like the congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and young activists like the Parkland school shooting survivors Emma GonzEilez and David Hogg.
Franco was also capable of songs of heart-rending pain, which he often sang in his mother tongue of Kikongo rather than Lingala --such as Kinsiona, his lament for the younger brother he lost in a car accident, or Luvumbu Ndoki, a rhythmically captivating threnody for the victims of Mobutu's public executions in 1966.
[twitter-tweet]Watch Roger Waters recite verses of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish's eloquent threnody "The Speech of The Red Indian", his epic elegy to dispossessed indigenous peoples everywhere.( @YoanaVega10 (
He experimented with dodecaphony, punctualism, aleatoricism, sonorism, and serialism, in such works as Strophes (1959), Anaklasis (1959-1960), Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (1960), and Polymorphia (1961).
This reader's only real quibble with Alfred Hitchcock is the author's insistence on using such words as "threnody," "persiflage" and "appurtenances" throughout the text.
Unusual timbres, shapes, and textures: Murray Schafer's Threnody, Penderecki's Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima, Takemitsu's AI.
"It should be a fun and varied evening" continued Sara "as all the choirs have an eclectic repertoire which includes world music, folk and pop too!" Also appearing on the night are the Shoreline Skiffle band with their quirky nostalgic style of music, the luscious harmonies of the Bangor Community Choir, Coastal Voices is a fun close harmony mixed choir, a cappella songs and hymns with Threnody, and Gwaenysgor Community Choir.
The latter systems distinguishes between (shi, poem), (fu, poetic exposition), (bei, Nestorian stele inscription), (lei, threnody [mourning poem]), (ming, inscription), (zhen, admonition), (song, ode), (lun, essay), (zhou, memorial to the throne), and (shui, persuasion).
The concert opens with Penderecki's iconic Threnody (to the victims of Hiroshima) from 1960 and is conducted from memory by Krzysztof Urbariski.