threshold gate

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Noun1.threshold gate - a logic element that performs a threshold operation
logic element - an electronic device that performs an elementary logic operation
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Before describing the policies in our method, we want to explain the threshold gate in detail.
1 (a), the root in [mathematical expression not reproducible] is composed of a threshold gate T(1, [e.sub.w] + 1).
When no inhibitory signals are present, the units act as a threshold gate capable of implementing many other logical functions of n-arguments.
This is what distinguishes such implementations of a threshold gate with any of the conventional implementations of CMOS logic functions.
She begins by describing the reasons the issue is critical and the analog and digital techniques used to reduce power consumption, then covers the FGMOS transistor, circuit applications and design techniques, low-power analog continuous-time filtering based on the FGMOS in various regions (inversion ohm and saturation and weak inversion), low power log-domain filtering, and low-power digital design based on the FGMOS threshold gate. Distributed in the US by Books International.
Thus, the threshold gate at this node will tire, in general, if R([x.sub.1], [x.sub.2],[x.sub.3]) holds for the current scene for some binding of [x.sub.l],[x.sub.2],[x.sub.3] to [a.sub.l], ...,[a.sub.N].
At the [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] node, we shall implement the equivalent of an AND gate in terms of a threshold gate with threshold r.