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adj. thrift·i·er, thrift·i·est
1. Practicing or marked by the practice of thrift; wisely economical. See Synonyms at sparing.
2. Archaic
a. Thriving; prosperous.
b. Growing vigorously; thriving, as a plant.

thrift′i·ly adv.
thrift′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.thriftily - in a thrifty manner; "a used towel that he had used and had left thriftily on the ledge below the mirror rather than consign to the linen basket"
باقْتِصاد، بدون تَبْذير
meî sparsemi
idareli bir şekildetutumla


(US) his business is doing thriftilysein Geschäft floriert


(θrift) noun
careful spending of money, or using of food or other resources, so that one can save or have some left in reserve; economy. She is noted for her thrift but her husband is very extravagant.
ˈthrifty adjective
showing thrift. a thrifty housewife.
ˈthriftily adverb
ˈthriftiness noun
References in classic literature ?
You and I are indebted to the hard hands of such men--hands that have long ago mingled with the soil they tilled so faithfully, thriftily making the best they could of the earth's fruits, and receiving the smallest share as their own wages.
Both institutions had conducted digs there before the First World War and thriftily decided to combine resources in a land that had just come under British administration.
The second verse, about thriftily sneaking a plastic bag into an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, was a bit he saw in a British TV series called Fresh Meat , Sheeran said.
But Apollo Justice doesn't provide anything new to attract veterans of the original, and essentially this is about thriftily establishing a new generation of fans.
Little patches of disused industrial land, not fit for much else, have been thriftily repurposed across the country - into breweries, arts and creative centres, egalitarian restaurants.
She also thriftily recycles her clothes - wearing some of her hideously expensive designer outfits more than once, rather than just chucking them straight in the bin after one outing like so many other wives do.
He also said public servants in other state agencies may lose their motivation to use state resources thriftily.
If we all cooperate and make modest sacrifices," he says in the video where he sits by the fire, "if we learn to live thriftily and remember the importance of helping our neighbors, then we can find ways to adjust and make our society more efficient and our own lives more enjoyable and productive.