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adj. thrift·i·er, thrift·i·est
1. Practicing or marked by the practice of thrift; wisely economical. See Synonyms at sparing.
2. Archaic
a. Thriving; prosperous.
b. Growing vigorously; thriving, as a plant.

thrift′i·ly adv.
thrift′i·ness n.
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Noun1.thriftiness - frugality in the expenditure of money or resources; "the Scots are famous for their economy"
frugality, frugalness - prudence in avoiding waste
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إقْتِصاد، تَبذير


(US: = prosperity) → Gedeihen nt
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(θrift) noun
careful spending of money, or using of food or other resources, so that one can save or have some left in reserve; economy. She is noted for her thrift but her husband is very extravagant.
ˈthrifty adjective
showing thrift. a thrifty housewife.
ˈthriftily adverb
ˈthriftiness noun
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Pope Julius the Second was assisted in reaching the papacy by a reputation for liberality, yet he did not strive afterwards to keep it up, when he made war on the King of France; and he made many wars without imposing any extraordinary tax on his subjects, for he supplied his additional expenses out of his long thriftiness. The present King of Spain would not have undertaken or conquered in so many enterprises if he had been reputed liberal.
Thriftiness has become a crime, So spend everything you earn; We're living now in a funny time, When money is made to burn."
Newman took an interest in French thriftiness and conceived a lively admiration for Parisian economies.
Allen's own thriftiness has made her business's survival possible.
But in broad outline, the thrifty phenotype hypothesis holds that in periods of nutritional deprivation, the fetus adopts two strategies to ensure survival: It preferentially shunts blood to the brain from key bodily organs; and during a critical window of intrauterine development it engages in programming of organ structure and function so as to maintain long-term metabolic thriftiness later in life under conditions of poor postnatal nutrition.
The furniture king is renowned for his thriftiness, and the family home he shares with his wife Margaretha, a modest and affable, but comfortably built woman, far removed from a leggy Nordic blonde of legend, in Epalinges, a quiet middle-class suburb in the hills above Lausanne, while spacious, is no tycoon's palatial gadget-bristling showhouse a la Bill Gates.
Known domestically as the "Iron Chancellor" for his thriftiness, Brown received a standing ovation from the hard-nosed campaigners.
Thriftiness is believed to be the motive behind the studio's plan.
Scots have a reputation for thriftiness but we wouldn't wear an English shirt at any price.
This means that in less than one minute a buyer should be able to judge age, weight, breeding, health and thriftiness of the animal or animals involved and then decide how much he can afford to pay.
By the time Rudolf Kerkhoven's lifelong thriftiness and hard work have made him rich, his wife has become almost a stranger to him, and the new, comfortable house, with telephone and electric light, comes too late for her to enjoy; she can only resent having to spend the rest of her days there, "with Rudolf, and with memories of hard years, crop failure, plagues, misfortune, illness, discomfort, fear, and always rain, rain."