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adj. thrift·i·er, thrift·i·est
1. Practicing or marked by the practice of thrift; wisely economical. See Synonyms at sparing.
2. Archaic
a. Thriving; prosperous.
b. Growing vigorously; thriving, as a plant.

thrift′i·ly adv.
thrift′i·ness n.
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Noun1.thriftiness - frugality in the expenditure of money or resources; "the Scots are famous for their economy"
frugality, frugalness - prudence in avoiding waste


Careful use of material resources:
إقْتِصاد، تَبذير


(US: = prosperity) → Gedeihen nt


(θrift) noun
careful spending of money, or using of food or other resources, so that one can save or have some left in reserve; economy. She is noted for her thrift but her husband is very extravagant.
ˈthrifty adjective
showing thrift. a thrifty housewife.
ˈthriftily adverb
ˈthriftiness noun
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Pope Julius the Second was assisted in reaching the papacy by a reputation for liberality, yet he did not strive afterwards to keep it up, when he made war on the King of France; and he made many wars without imposing any extraordinary tax on his subjects, for he supplied his additional expenses out of his long thriftiness.
Thriftiness has become a crime, So spend everything you earn; We're living now in a funny time, When money is made to burn.
Newman took an interest in French thriftiness and conceived a lively admiration for Parisian economies.
Now repackaged as "forgotten" cuts, and despite their reputation for thriftiness, their rennaisance is being led by high-income foodies and the slow-cooking movement.
This thriftiness will prove entirely necessary to a particular group of women denied their rightful expected State Pension age by the Government.
The planning is evaluated in particular from the following aspects: - thriftiness and economy, - functionality, - sustainability, - monument protection, - fire protection in the monument.
The colony offers a penny per wolf pelt, a sum that suggests that Yankee thriftiness is already ingrained or that wolves are seen as ravening killers of little inherent worth.
Such are the wonders of e-commerce and the thriftiness it enables.
According to the Government, this measure seeks to improve the financial condition of Macedonians citizens and to encourage thriftiness in public enterprises.
The thriftiness of millennials is hardly surprising.
For them, squirrels are symbols of preparation, trust and thriftiness.
Yes, to the Arsenal partisan, his thriftiness must infuriate.