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intr.v. thrived or throve (thrōv), thrived or thriv·en (thrĭv′ən), thriv·ing, thrives
1. To grow vigorously; flourish: Some plants thrive in sandy soil.
2. To be successful or make steady progress; prosper: The town has been thriving on tourism.

[Middle English thriven, from Old Norse thrīfask, reflexive of thrīfa, to seize.]

thriv′er n.
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Along the way Niki offers plenty of her English humor and loads of practical advice for the readers and ultimately equips them with a Thriver's Manifesto to make their own.
Robin Roberts (Robin Roberts Presents Thriver Thursday: Season 1)
A thriver. class="MsoNormalIn 2014, Nadia, along with thousands of young women and girls from the Yazidi community in Iraq, was captured and forced into sexual slavery by Isis.
In response to the survey findings, Lilly created the Thriver Movement as part of its More For MBC initiative, which aims to increase understanding of the daily impact of MBC, deliver more dedicated resources and advance the development of more treatment options.
They marked the transition from survivor to thriver, in which the participants began to live more fully and openly without the feeling of being held hostage by the past.
By starting with the 'thriver's mindset' that says, 'I have the power to make a difference, and it's not all about me.' It's hard to 'do no harm' when working in a harmful environment, [and] it's tempting to blame the organization for everything, but that doesn't work either."
That is exactly the purpose that Susan Barbara Apollon (a Pennsylvania-licensed psychologist, as well as a cancer survivor and thriver) has written "An Inside Job: A Psychologist Shares Healing Wisdom for Your Cancer Journey offers readers".
.he The annual Football in thRiver match takes place in Bourtonon-the-Water on August 28.
Ritual and performance in domestic violence healing: From survivor to thriver through rites of passage.
You should thrive--or as you write, be a "CaPLESS thriver." Please explain the CaPLESS concept to our readers.
After 43 years in the ink industry, many would consider Joe Kelly, R&D director of liquid water-based inks for INX International Ink Co., an industry "survivor." He believes the more appropriate term is "thriver."
(2011) Ritual and performance in domestic violence healing: From survivor to thriver through rites of passage.