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Noun1.thrombopenia - a blood disease characterized by an abnormally small number of platelets in the blood
blood disease, blood disorder - a disease or disorder of the blood
essential thrombocytopenia - the primary form of thrombocytopenia (rather than a shortage of platelets caused by other conditions such as tuberculosis or chemical suppression of bone marrow etc.)
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We will work closely with Shionogi to launch Mulpleta in China as soon as possible to help thrombopenia patients in need."
Considering the changes in the laboratory tests, hematological anomalies (anemia, leucopenia, lymphopenia, thrombopenia) were mentioned in 12 (44.4%) cases.
Laboratory analysis revealed severe hemolytic anemia with schistocytosis and thrombopenia. ADAMTS13 activity was absent (<24 ng/mL, reference range 530-800 ng/mL), but no inhibitor could be detected.
Laboratory evaluation showed metabolic acidosis (HCO3 11 mmol/l, pH 7.18, lactate 9.8 mmol/l), thrombopenia (53 Tsd/[micro]l), disturbed coagulation (PTT 118 s, INR 2.66), CRP (53 mg/l), and procalcitonin (337 [micro]g/l).
The patient's bloodwork showed signs of anemia and thrombopenia which, in the 4th day after admission, reached the lowest level: 82.000/ul thrombocytes (N = 150-400.000/ul) and 11.1 g/dl of hemoglobin (N = 12-16 g/dl).
Anderson et al., "Hemorrhage exacerbates radiation effects on survival, leukocytopenia, thrombopenia, erythropenia, bone marrow cell depletion and hematopoiesis, and inflammation-associated microRNAs expression in kidney," PLoS ONE, vol.