throw down

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throw down

a. to offer or accept a challenge to fight
b. to fight
a challenge, esp to physical or artistic competition
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w>throw down

vt sep
(from a roof, the stairs etc) → herunterwerfen; throw down your guns!werfen Sie die Waffen weg!; to throw oneself down on the floorsich zu Boden werfen, sich auf den Boden fallen lassen; to throw oneself down on the sofasich aufs Sofa fallen lassen; it’s throwing it down (inf: = raining) → es gießt (in Strömen)
(fig) to throw down a challenge to somebodyjdn herausfordern
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One day his master came in and said, "Alfred, the stable smells rather strong; should not you give that stall a good scrub and throw down plenty of water?"
Then the cocoa-nuts would be ripe for picking, and her cousins (like all the natives, Ata had a host of relatives) would swarm up the trees and throw down the big ripe nuts.
"I work as a delivery man for McDonald's, there really are a lot of customers who throw down ropes (tied to baskets)..."
KIRSTY WILLIAMS today plans to "throw down the gauntlet to those only obsessed with Tech City in London".
Jane Williams, 40, from Dyffryn Ardudwy in Gwynedd, is taking part in The Great Pottery Throw Down competition.
PICK OF THE DAY The Great Pottery Throw Down (BBC2, 9pm) T'S week three and the desperation to make pottery cool is positively oozing out of this latest format.
Also, watch predators catch their prey in The Hunt, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and amateur potters working their magic with clay in The Great Pottery Throw Down. Elsewhere, don't miss culinary inspiration from Gino D'Acampo, who travels to Sardinia, and Nigella Lawson.

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