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thrum 1

v. thrummed, thrum·ming, thrums
1. Music To play (a stringed instrument) idly or monotonously: thrummed a guitar.
2. To speak, repeat, or recite in a monotonous tone of voice; drone.
1. Music To strum idly on a stringed instrument.
2. To speak in a monotonous tone of voice; drone.
A thrumming sound.


thrum 2

a. The fringe of warp threads left on a loom after the cloth has been cut off.
b. One of these threads.
2. A loose end, fringe, or tuft of thread or wool.
tr.v. thrummed, thrum·ming, thrums
1. To cover or trim with thrums; fringe.
2. To knit thrums into (mittens, hats, or socks).

[Middle English, from Old English -thrum, ligament (in tungethrum, ligament of the tongue).]
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1. the act of thrumming
2. the sound of thrumming
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References in classic literature ?
And I had hope that my thrumming might add zest to the wedding to-day."
Mitka tuned up afresh, and recommenced thrumming the balalayka to the air of My Lady, with trills and variations.
With this Teresa hurried out of the house with the letters, and with the string of beads round her neck, and went along thrumming the letters as if they were a tambourine, and by chance coming across the curate and Samson Carrasco she began capering and saying, "None of us poor now, faith!
Every rope and shroud was thrumming and screeching in resistance to the fierce weight of the squall.
Among the permanent inmates of the house were likewise several lovely damsels, who instead of thrumming pianos and reading hovels, like more enlightened young ladies, substituted for these employments the manufacture of a fine species of tappa; but for the greater portion of the time were skipping from house to house, gadding and gossiping with their acquaintances.
will find us in rather a smaller house than we were accustomed to receive our friends in; but it's snug, and the change of air does good to my daughter, who was suffering in town rather--you remember little Emmy, sir?--yes, suffering a good deal." The old gentleman's eyes were wandering as he spoke, and he was thinking of something else, as he sate thrumming on his papers and fumbling at the worn red tape.
The wind was thrumming its war song in the rigging, and a wild sea was buffeting the PYRENEES.
McCoy and the mate tried it, and felt the line thrumming and vibrating savagely to the grip of the tidal stream.
A complete course of beautifully and profusely illustrated instruction under one cover, "Gradient Knits" features eye-catching yarns and 10 unique lessons on topics such as cabling, lace knitting, alternating stripes, thrumming, stranded colorwork, intarsia polka dots, modular knitting, German short rows, and simple knit and purl combinations--all using gradient yarns.
The harbour will be thrumming with super yachts, while the world's film directors and actors pack its restaurants.