thrust out

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Verb1.thrust out - push to thrust outward
push, force - move with force, "He pushed the table into a corner"

w>thrust out

vt sep legausstrecken; hand alsohinstrecken; head, breastsvorstrecken; chestherausdrücken, wölben; she thrust her head out (of the window)sie streckte den Kopf (zum Fenster) hinaus; the goalie thrust out his legsder Torwart streckte die Beine vor
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To be thrust out of the discussion in this way would have been enough to complete Mrs.
In attempting to express his gratification, the Chief of Police thrust out his right hand with such violence that his skin was ruptured at the arm-pit and a stream of sawdust poured from the wound.
Matvey put his hands in his jacket pockets, thrust out one leg, and gazed silently, good-humoredly, with a faint smile, at his master.