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1. A person or thing that thrusts.
2. A device that imparts thrust, such as a small rocket engine used to adjust the course or attitude of a spacecraft in flight.
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1. a person or thing that thrusts
2. (Astronautics) Also called: vernier rocket a small rocket engine, esp one used to correct the altitude or course of a spacecraft
3. (Nautical Terms) an auxiliary propeller on a ship, capable of acting athwartships
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(ˈθrʌs tər)

1. a small rocket attached to a spacecraft and used for producting thrust to control attitude or translational motion.
2. a propeller located in a ship's bow or stern to provide added maneuverability, as when docking.
3. a person or thing that thrusts.
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Noun1.thruster - one who intrudes or pushes himself forward
interloper, intruder, trespasser - someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission
2.thruster - a small rocket engine that provides the thrust needed to maneuver a spacecraft
rocket engine, rocket - a jet engine containing its own propellant and driven by reaction propulsion
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n (= directional rocket)(Fein)steuerrakete f
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One of Discovery's small thrusters began leaking shortly after Friday's midnight liftoff and was shut down.
[[phi].sub.i]--angle between the longitudinal axis and the line connecting the centre of gravity with the symmetry centre of the ith thruster,
The Pulsed Inductive Thruster (PIT) would operate at efficiencies of just above 70%.
David Nicholls sends his horses far and wide in search of winners, but it still looks significant that he has sent The Thruster down from Yorkshire to make his debut on Equitrack.
The thruster arrays are installed on the diagonal line of satellite's surface, and the thruster serial number is shown in Figure 1(a).
The experiment will enable in-space characterization of Hall thruster design modifications that are intended to improve performance relative to the units onboard AEHF.
According to Wired UK, the study found that test results indicated that the RF [radio frequency] resonant cavity thruster design, which was unique as an electric propulsion device, was producing a force that was not attributable to any classical electromagnetic phenomenon and, therefore, was potentially demonstrating an interaction with the quantum vacuum virtual plasma, Discovery News reported.
When dealing with uncertainty problem, the existing thruster allocation algorithm generally based on the premise of actuators can accurately output hypothesis to improve the robustness of the system through introducing adaptive control [6,7].
The financing comes following Orbion's plans to manufacture and mass-produce the first Hall-effect plasma thrusters for small satellites, dubbed the Orbion Aurora system.
Last week, Musk initially said these cold thrusters will "dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking and cornering." And he later got everyone's attention by saying the rocket engines will "maybe even ( allow a Tesla (Roadster 2020) to fly ."