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Robbery and murder as practiced by the Thugs.

[Hindi ṭhagī, from ṭhag, Thug; see thug.]
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(Historical Terms) history the methods and practices of the thugs of India
[C19: from Hindi thagī; see thug]
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thuggeeism, thuggee

a semi-religious Hindu cult with a highly organized system of murder and robbery, suppressed in India in the 19th century. Also thuggery. — thug, n.
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Noun1.thuggee - murder and robbery by thugs
murder, slaying, execution - unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being
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It was thereabouts that Feringhea, the Thuggee chief, king of the stranglers, held his sway.
A pivotal moment in the institutionalization of the notion of colonized tribes and castes working together for criminal purposes was the development of the Thuggee and Dacoity Department in British-ruled India.
It matters not, if, after you shoot the bear, an evil, heavy-browed Indian "Thuggee" priest in full shaman regalia rushes up to the bear, maniacally screams "Kali-Ma ...
Prominent in the British lines is a quartet of elephants carrying two Model 1883 Gatling Guns and their carriages, which were dismounted and used to good effect against the Thuggee foe.
The original Thuggee chiefs must be doing a jig in their graves with pride.
Brereton, those 'Report on Thuggee in the Punjab' was printed by the Chronicle Press of Lahore in 1853.
The ban on thuggee came about because its criminal face appeared first and that posed a threat to the Pax Britannica.
For a few small topics, Morris offers a fresh interpretation, such as an aside on the Thuggee cult in India (177, 258, n.
Roosevelt often did-- is a false dichotomy, because they are one and the same man who held a certain idea of the British Empire, just as Charles de Gaulle had 'a certain idea of France." Churchill's idea had nothing to do with one-man-one-vote, but everything to do with protecting the weak (e.g., the untouchables) from economic exploitation and Mughal-level taxation, the subcontinent from Russian, Pashtun, or Japanese incursions, the people from barbaric practices such as thuggee (the murder of travelers) and suttee (the practice of burning wives on their husband's funeral pyre), and the minority Muslims from the majority Hindus, all the while using the then-incomparable power of the Royal Navy to keep global trading routes open.