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A print made by the thumb, especially by the pad of the thumb.


an impression of the upper part of the thumb, used esp for identification purposes. See fingerprint



a mark or impression of the ventral surface of the last joint of the thumb.
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Noun1.thumbprint - fingerprint made by the thumb (especially by the pad of the thumb)thumbprint - fingerprint made by the thumb (especially by the pad of the thumb)
fingerprint - a print made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger; often used for biometric identification in criminal investigations
بَصْمَة الإبْهام
otisk palce
odtlačok palca
başparmak izi


[ˈθʌmprɪnt] Nimpresión f del pulgar


thumb print [ˈθʌmprɪnt] n
(= mark) → empreinte f de pouce
(= characteristic features) → empreinte f
to put one's thumb print on sth → marquer qch de son empreinte


(θam) noun
1. the short thick finger of the hand, set at a different angle from the other four.
2. the part of a glove or mitten covering this finger.
(often with through) to turn over (the pages of a book) with the thumb or fingers. She was thumbing through the dictionary.
ˈthumb-nail noun
the nail on the thumb.
ˈthumbprint noun
a mark made by pressing the thumb on to a surface, sometimes used as means of identification.
ˌthumbs-ˈup noun
a sign expressing a wish for good luck, success etc. He gave me the thumbs-up.
ˈthumbtack noun
(American) a drawing-pin. She hung the picture on the wall with thumbtacks.
under someone's thumb
controlled or greatly influenced by someone. She is completely under her husband's thumb.
References in classic literature ?
There's a line straight across her thumbprint. How comes that?" and Tom held out the piece of glass to Wilson.
"It gives customers peace of mind too, as they realise that if one of their credit cards are ever stolen it will be difficult for the fraudsters to use the stolen card in shops where thumbprints are taken," she added.
SHOPPERSin parts of Merseyside are being asked to leave thumbprints when they buy goods in a bid to crack down on credit card fraud.
Staff at the centre - which is already monitored by closed-circuit television - are preparing to catch thieves and fraudsters by using customers' thumbprints.
They became curious and asked me what their thumbprints had to do with their first works of art.
You have them in your thumbprints and they exist in ground-water, wherever organisms can exist," says P.
After that, his subordinate told us to put thumbprints on a written contract, prohibiting us from publishing a story about the operation.
Advocate Farooq H Naiq on behalf of petitioners submitted before the three-member bench that tribunal, headed by a former judge of Sindh High Court Zafar Ahmed Khan Sherwani, allowed the application of Syed Ghous Ali Shah, a leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, for thumbprints verification in PS-29.
A survey for BBC Good Food magazine asked readers to count how many splashes and thumbprints marked their cookbooks as a key test of popularity, and found Delia's were the most stained.
I WOULD like to say a few things about this new scheme about thumbprints being given when using a credit card to me its like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted because unless the person who uses the card has a criminal record how are you going to check the prints?
THERE'S been a tremendous response to our "thumbs up" campaign to encourage shopkeepers to crack down on fraud by asking customers for their thumbprints.
It aims to stop scams, which cost shoppers and business millions each year, by asking shoppers to give their thumbprints whenever they buy something using credit cards or cheques.