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An act, instance, or sign of approval.
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an act, instance, or gesture of approval or support.
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n (inf) (= agreement)Zustimmung f; (= praise)Lobeshymne f (inf)
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(θam) noun
1. the short thick finger of the hand, set at a different angle from the other four.
2. the part of a glove or mitten covering this finger.
(often with through) to turn over (the pages of a book) with the thumb or fingers. She was thumbing through the dictionary.
ˈthumb-nail noun
the nail on the thumb.
ˈthumbprint noun
a mark made by pressing the thumb on to a surface, sometimes used as means of identification.
ˌthumbs-ˈup noun
a sign expressing a wish for good luck, success etc. He gave me the thumbs-up.
ˈthumbtack noun
(American) a drawing-pin. She hung the picture on the wall with thumbtacks.
under someone's thumb
controlled or greatly influenced by someone. She is completely under her husband's thumb.
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My two young charges gave the thumbs-up to the Cars sequence - the cars apparently took 2,000 man hours to build - and voted the Toy Story 3 sequence the best part of the night.
I'M FINE: Baby gives thumbs-up on scan; STUNNED: dad Paul with Sam
She was captivated by the movie, giving it an unqualified thumbs-up and reckoning it to be up there with Beauty And The Beast.
Like a lot of others, she's got a coffin rattling in her head; she paints and waits for a thumbs-up from the sweet Jewish guy who invented the Zip.
In unrelated news, fracking has been given a Government thumbs-up.
I passed it around clients who have extremely sensitive skin and they all gave it a thumbs-up. Priced pounds 26, from House of Fraser.
Halliwell is picking up a reported pounds 500,000 for her role and has already caused a minor controversy when Walsh said she insisted on giving the thumbs-up to ``cute'' boys even if they couldn't sing.