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1. A blow, as with a blunt object.
2. A muffled sound, as that produced by beating with a blunt object; a thud.
v. thumped, thump·ing, thumps
a. To beat so as to produce a thump or thumps: thumped the desk with her fist.
b. To move or cause to strike with a thump or thumps: thumped the book on the table.
2. Informal To defeat soundly; drub.
a. To hit or fall in such a way as to produce a thump or thumps: The book thumped on the floor.
b. To move or collide with a thump or thumps: I thumped up the stairs.
2. To beat or throb audibly: His heart thumped with fear.

[Probably of imitative origin.]

thump′er n.
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