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1. A blow, as with a blunt object.
2. A muffled sound, as that produced by beating with a blunt object; a thud.
v. thumped, thump·ing, thumps
a. To beat so as to produce a thump or thumps: thumped the desk with her fist.
b. To move or cause to strike with a thump or thumps: thumped the book on the table.
2. Informal To defeat soundly; drub.
a. To hit or fall in such a way as to produce a thump or thumps: The book thumped on the floor.
b. To move or collide with a thump or thumps: I thumped up the stairs.
2. To beat or throb audibly: His heart thumped with fear.

[Probably of imitative origin.]

thump′er n.
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This week's deals aren't exactly stellar unless you like clones, farming simulators or fishing games, but Thumper is an absolute standout for those who haven't played it already.
Most rabbits are carried into the vets in a basket but not Thumper and Blue.
Then fed-up bosses installed vibration detectors, known to criminals as thumpers, in exterior walls to foil the gang.
We suspect it would have had Mr Thumper senior scratching his head (with his foot.
He was impressed that Thumper did not think twice before turning the money over to him.
Old Thumper and Double Old Thumper are brewed in the U.
Last year I saw a Thumper like yours on offer for pounds 240 so you have picked up a real bargain.
Charlie Lister's odds-on favourite Carbarns Tom trailed the field in that heat, but the handler enjoyed better fortune in heat two when his Tyrur Rodge led early to beat Malbay Thumper by three and a half lengths in 42.
Dream Sesh: Skating with TK, P-Rod, dereme Rogers, and my homies Tre Deuce, both Locos, and Thumper
My sole purpose aboard the merry Thumper would be to duck, and to position myself high on the sides, or the "rails," to help keep the weight balanced.
On the cover of the November GUNS Magazine, in the lower left corner right above where it says Auto-Ord 1911, there is a title that says "Lever Thumper Rossi Puma .
A sequel of sorts to Lawson Roby's Casting the First Stone, which first introduced readers to Curtis and Tanya Black, Too Much of a Good Thing delves even deeper into the life of the wayward Bible thumper.