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n. Informal
A thunderstorm.
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Try that with a light thunderboomer. If a fellow shooting a 7-pound rifle in the big magnum class shoots more than 20 to 30 rounds per year, I would be surprised.
To avoid them, one obvious and popular solution is to fly in the morning and early afternoon, landing before the thunderboomers become a factor.
Thunderboomers producing scary winds, freak waves and cloud-to-water lightning aren't fun.
In fact, I found the recoil on the .50 to be much less than many of the thunderboomers hunters have grown so fond of.
I can bring more flies, leaders, snips and pliers, sunscreen, a small point-and-shoot camera, cell phone (it's nice to check that radar for inland thunderboomers), a snack bar or two, and most importantly, a water bottle.
While the thunderboomers of summer are rarely a concern, any foray into the clouds carries a risk of airframe icing.