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thunk 1

A dull, hollow sound: the thunk of a metal pipe striking a tree.
intr.v. thunked, thunk·ing, thunks
To make a dull, hollow sound: "Her hard shoes thunk on the stairs" (Carolyn Chute).


thunk 2

v. Nonstandard
A past tense and a past participle of think.
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n, vb
informal another word for thud
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1. an abrupt, dull sound.
2. to make such a sound.
[1945–50; b. thud and clunk]



Nonstandard. a pt. and pp. of think 1.
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Noun1.thunk - a dull hollow sound; "the basketball made a thunk as it hit the rim"
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them"
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An' they would thunk I could drive her like a Lucania, an' wi'out burnun' coals.
(Fancy Saints helping someone get the better of Wigan - who'd a thunk it?) As well as having some top quality in the forwards including the likes of Jared Waerea-Hargreaves and skipper Boyd Cordner, the Roosters boast a classy half-back partnership in the shape of Luke Keary and the super-experienced (and wonderfully monikered) Cooper Cronk.
With fewer than 100 days to Christmas, one can be forgiven for starting to thunk about the festive season.
I noted the thunk of a knuckle on a squat can of Wintermint Skoal, dreamed of biceps & sideburns, rattails, toothpicks, sunglasses, a clean jump shot & a shitball rig dragging up Main & down, tape deck blasting whatever sounded most like a dumped bucket of hammers.
Yes, it was Rafa what thunk it, and it looks a hell of a plan against flimsy flanked Crystal Palace.
The author states, he heard a "thunk" for each of the three gears.
Then you followed the reverberating 'thunk' to the couple's 3-acre backyard.
The stigma of misunderstanding dissolves with each 'thunk'.
When ripe, watermelons make a hollow "thunk" sound when tapped, and the undersides turn white or pale yellow.
"Right as the landing gear was sucked up into the airplane, it created a kind of 'thunk' or a 'thud,'" he recalled.
Alas, the results are less wham bam and more clunk thunk. Basically, we're talking straight-to-DVD here.
I tried it on our property here and found it to hit with a satisfying "thunk" when swung, and the chips really fly.