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[From New Latin Thȳlacīnus, genus name, from Greek thūlakos, sack.]


(Animals) an extinct or very rare doglike carnivorous marsupial, Thylacinus cynocephalus, of Tasmania, having greyish-brown fur with dark vertical stripes on the back: family Dasyuridae. Also called: Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf
[C19: from New Latin thӯlacīnus, from Greek thulakos pouch, sack]


(ˈθaɪ ləˌsaɪn, -sɪn)

a wolflike marsupial, Thylacinus cynocephalus, of Tasmania, tan-colored with black stripes across the back: probably extinct.
Also called Tasmanian wolf.
[1830–40; < New Latin Thylacinus genus name = Greek thylak(os) pouch + Latin -īnus -ine1]
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Noun1.thylacine - rare doglike carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania having stripes on its backthylacine - rare doglike carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania having stripes on its back; probably extinct
dasyurid, dasyurid marsupial - small carnivorous nocturnal marsupials of Australia and Tasmania
genus Thylacinus, Thylacinus - Tasmanian wolf
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3D Oil holds interests in three other offshore permits - VIC/P57, also located in the Gippsland Basin (3D Oil: 24.9%), T/49P in the Otway Basin adjacent to the Thylacine Gas Field (3D Oil:100%), and WA527P (3D Oil: 100%) in the Bedout sub-basin, adjacent to the recent significant oil discovery at Dorado.
Australia hosts many faunal mysteries, such as the speculation regarding remnant populations of Thylacine (1).
Scott has also produced work based upon the last thylacine (the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times) kept in Australian captivity.
Depictions of the extinct thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger, help date some of the art here as being prior to the disappearance of the species from the Australian mainland around 4,000 years ago, following the arrival of the dingo from Southeast Asia.
The sandy-colored creature with dark stripes on its back, known officially as thylacine, lived in Australia for a few million years before humans showed up.
Most likely, you think we hated the elephant, the golden toad, the thylacine and all variations of whale harpooned or hacked into extinction.
To aid the hunt, Tasmanian tour operator Stuart Malcolm also offered a substantial bounty of PS1 million (over P62 million) to anyone who can prove the thylacine has survived to the present day.
The dream of the Thylacine. Sydney, NSW: Allen & Unwin.
They also recount the specific stories of several animals lost forever due to human activity, such as the dodo, moa, thylacine, and quagga.
Now read this list of extinction that happened because of us: Thylacine, Passenger Pigeon, Golden Toad, Pyrenean Ibex, Javan Tiger, Fakland Island wolf, Steller sea cows, Zanzabir Leopard have all become extinct because of us.