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Noun1.thyromegaly - abnormally enlarged thyroid glandthyromegaly - abnormally enlarged thyroid gland; can result from underproduction or overproduction of hormone or from a deficiency of iodine in the diet
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n. tiromegalia, agrandamiento de la tiroides.
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Physical examination revealed firm thyromegaly with no palpable lymphadenopathy.
[1] Pregnancy is associated with increased urinary loss of iodine due to increased glomerular filtration rate, thus leading to iodine deficiency and maternal thyromegaly. The elevation of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in pregnancy functions as a stimulator of TSH receptors.
Subjects with medical illnesses such as clinical or laboratory evidence of cardiac, renal, liver, or endocrine disease, severe systemic diseases, and patients with thyromegaly were excluded.
There was no thyromegaly. Testicular and pubic hair development was in Tanner stage II (testicular volume 6 ml).
Diffuse thyromegaly is the characteristic feature of GD and nodules are rarely seen.
Patient with tracheal, neck and spinal abnormalities, previous tracheostomy or neck surgery, thyromegaly, soft tissue infection in the neck, severe hypoxemia, uncorrectable coagulopathy, thrombocyte count <50,000, severe hemodynamic instability or autonomic dysfunction, severe sepsis and status epilepticus were excluded.
He had normal vital signs and no lymphadenopathy or thyromegaly. Lungs were clear to auscultation.
neck examination revealed diffuse thyromegaly with a bruit on auscultation.
On physical exam, the patient had bilateral erythematous conjunctiva associated with exophthalmoses without any evidence of lid lag or thyromegaly. Cardiovascular and pulmonary examinations were normal.
There were no skin lesions or thyromegaly. Tenderness was present on musculoskeletal examination, and powers were 3/5 in all proximal muscles.