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 (thī′sə-no͝or′ən, -nyo͝or′-)
Any of various wingless insects of the order Thysanura, which is usually defined as consisting solely of the silverfish and excluding bristletails of the order Archaeognatha.

[From New Latin Thysanūra, order name : Greek thusanos, tassel + Greek ourā, tail; see ors- in Indo-European roots.]

thy′sa·nu′ran adj.


(Animals) any primitive wingless insect of the order Thysanura, which comprises the bristletails
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the order Thysanura
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek thusanos fringe + oura tail]
ˌthysaˈnurous adj
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Apart from some scarce myrmecophiles found very occasionally within their nest, such as a gastropod, a small diplopod (Merocheta), a lepismatid or nicoletiid thysanuran, a worm infesting the refuse dumps, and a histerid beetle (Cook 1905; Perez-Lachaud & Lachaud, unpublished data), colonies of E.
We also thank Jarmila Kukalova-Peck for offering comments and insights concerning archaeognathans and thysanurans. We thank Michael Engel, Conrad Labandiera, and Jan Peters for assisting in determining the probable maker of Narragansettichnus fortunatus.
Other prey, such as hemipterans, lepidopterans, hymenopterans, pseudoscorpions, chilopods, solpugids, thysanurans, odonates, and dipterans, were found in much lower percentages in lizards of both sexes (Table 3).