tick over

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tick over

vb (intr, adverb)
1. (Automotive Engineering) Also: idle Brit (of an engine) to run at low speed with the throttle control closed and the transmission disengaged
2. to run smoothly without any major changes: keep the firm ticking over until I get back.
(Automotive Engineering)
a. the speed of an engine when it is ticking over
b. (as modifier): tick-over speed.
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Verb1.tick over - run disconnected or idle; "the engine is idling"
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تَدور الآلَه بِهُدوء ونُعومَه
běžet hladce/naprázdno
gå i tomgang
csendesen jár
mala, ganga mjúkt
bežať hladko
rölantide çalışmak

w>tick over

(= idle: engine) → im Leerlauf sein; the engine is ticking over nicelyder Motor läuft ganz gut or ruhig
(fig: business etc) → ganz ordentlich laufen; (pej)auf Sparflamme sein (inf); to keep things ticking overdie Sache in Gang halten
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(tik) noun
a mark ( ) used to show that something is correct, has been noted etc.
(often with off) to put this mark beside an item or name on a list etc. She ticked everything off on the list.
tick (someone) off, give (someone) a ticking off
to scold someone. The teacher gave me a ticking-off for being late.
tick (someone) off
(American) (slang) to make someone angry. He really ticked me off; It ticks me off when you speak like that.
tick over
to run quietly and smoothly at a gentle pace. The car's engine is ticking over.
ticked off adjective
(American) (slang) angry.
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There was plenty of support on offer as Leicestershire-bound Ateeq Javid 28, Oli Haley 33 and skipper Sam Reddish on 28 not out made sure the scoreboard continued to tick over.