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"Crocodile's Tears" is an African environmental animal fable that encourages children to ask "Why are different species of animals becoming threatened and disappearing?" "What can we do about it?" Crocodile is found weeping tears in the sunshine, and Rhino and Tickbird set out to discover why Crocodile is crying.
Old and new media are still symbiotic, but it's getting hard to tell who's the rhino and who's the tickbird." He concluded, with an oblique reference to the late Tim Russert: "Maybe we'll remember this election as the one when we stopped talking about 'the old media' and 'the new media' and, simply, met the press."
He had seen a tickbird drop, and he was sure the buffalo were right there.
The tickbird cleans the rhinoceros, egrets clean various cattle, and dust mites eat dander from humans and pets that would otherwise fill up your house.