ticker-tape parade

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tick′er-tape` parade`

a parade in which a celebrity is showered with confetti (formerly with ticker tape) thrown into the streets from buildings along the parade route.
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NEW YORK -- Althea Gibson basked in a ticker-tape parade in New York a decade before Arthur Ashe won the 1968 US Open.
women's soccer team on July 10 gathered in New York City for a ticker-tape parade to celebrate their Women's World Cup victory.
I wasn't expecting a ticker-tape parade, but for a program coming off of its first Final Four since the very first one in 1939, a little pomp and circumstance would have been appropriate.
Fact is, a ticker-tape parade has been arranged for Horn by the city and state government on Thursday.
According to Wikipedia, a ticker-tape parade is a "parade event held in a populated urban setting, allowing large amounts of shredded paper (originally actual ticker tape) to be thrown from nearby office buildings along the parade route." It takes a lot of planning and funding to pull off something of this magnitude on the streets of New York City, which is why these types of parades have only been reserved for the city's championship pro-sports teams.
Sunday's 33rd parade featured sunshine mixed with clouds and a good spattering of big old snow flakes, giving the feeling of a ticker-tape parade, Worcester style, during the middle of the event.
New Zealand's Parliament was suspended as Campbell, ranked 80th in the world at the time, held off Woods to become his country's first major champion since Bob Charles in 1963, while there was a ticker-tape parade on his return to Wellington two months later.
"The genuine twinge of nerves getting on the 63 as if you were going to pull on the shirt yourself, the hairs standing up on the back of your neck when the players ran out while I was focusing on the distant bobbing Holgate end showering in their own ticker-tape parade of ripped up stubs framed by Mogga's moon-bound hoof into the stratosphere.
Dubai: Al Ahli may have a ticker-tape parade on Friday evening to celebrate their President's Cup win against neighbours Al Shabab earlier this week.
Apple chief executive Tim Cook bought himself a ticker-tape parade in New York City to announce that some Macs would be made in the greatest country in the world beginning next year.
The Downtown Alliance has also embarked on a project to commemorate each previous ticker-tape parade in chronological order by embedding 181 black granite plaques in the sidewalk on both sides of a mile-long stretch of Broadway.
He returned to the traditional ticker-tape parade in New York but six months later a zealous reporter revealed that he'd been paid for playing minor league baseball in 1909.