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A man approached members of staff at the ticket barrier, before making racially offensive comments.
A probe revealed he had travelled in from Stonegate station in East Sussex, which has no ticket barrier. He had been buying a season ticket, which presently costs around PS4,500, until 2008 but then stopped.
This is then scanned at the station ticket barrier by the passenger and is expected to help reduce station queues.
On the two days I attended approximately 45 minutes before they let you through the ticket barrier, people from behind surged down pushing their way in front.
Mr de Menzes did not jump over a ticket barrier but used a travel card.
TOWIE star James 'Arg' Argent's ex girlfriend has appeared in court charged with 'double shuffling' through a Tube ticket barrier because she was late to work.
Mentally ill Muhiddin Mire, inspired by videos of the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby, set upon the American native from behind as they approached the ticket barrier.
Once the ticket was purchased, the user would then be able to scan their phone at the ticket barrier to gain access to the Metro network.
He needed a team of flunkies to help him through the ticket barrier, he had no clue what an Oyster card was and both he and Camilla looked like a pair of doddery old fogies who'd been sedated and let out of the care home on a day trip.
I know that you might think that I was trying to evade payment as I dropped to my knees and slithered under the ticket barrier on my stomach on Tuesday night - watched by several open-mouthed commuters - but I wasn't doing a Cherie Blair, honest!
The attack happened at Moorfields station at around 9pm on Saturday March 28, when a man tried to push past the member of staff at the ticket barrier.
Early reports suggested that Mr de Menezes had been wearing bulky clothing and that he vaulted a ticket barrier at Stockwell Tube station and ran down an escalator to escape police firearms officers.