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Noun1.ticket taker - someone who is paid to admit only those who have purchased ticketsticket taker - someone who is paid to admit only those who have purchased tickets
door guard, doorman, hall porter, ostiary, porter, gatekeeper, doorkeeper - someone who guards an entrance
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There's a perk to being the top dog, and when you're the world's leading premium streaming service, theme park operator, or multiplex ticket taker, you'll stretch your pricing elasticity until your customers buckle.
Indeed, it is Forster more than anyone who sets the Edwardian emotional tone of G&G's work: the hapless love of an Oxford don for a tramcar ticket taker.
"We want Back Bay,'' Max Fair of Worcester yelled as the ticket taker announced "Natick'' around 10 a.m.
The soldier then turns his attention to Beatrix, but the ticket taker Lars impulsively blurts out that she is his niece, and with his brother Hans, the tram's driver, they rescue her.
He was an actor--and a shoemaker, barber, bicycle repairman, street barker, cotton picker and cinema ticket taker. Around this time he also ventured into journalism, fiction, and screenplays.
With one ticket taker, one popcorn seller and one usher, there can only be one person at a time watching a movie.
To The Ghosts Who Write History Books is similarly re-imagined and Ticket Taker rephrased.
He previously worked for R & M in summer 2005 as a ticket taker and laboratory technician on a paving project.
He was the ticket taker at the local theater as he worked his way through high school.
In 1983, the same year that Williams left Becket, Willett, himself a colorful character, began working at the hotel as a handyman--Becket put him to work as her emcee and ticket taker, and eventually integrated him into the show.
We always start our "trip" with the globe, a pilot, and a ticket taker. A student volunteer comes to the front of the room and pilots our vehicle, while the ticket taker circulates the room collecting imaginary tickets and I trace our route on the globe.