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Noun1.ticket window - a window through which tickets are sold (as from a ticket booth)ticket window - a window through which tickets are sold (as from a ticket booth)
window - an opening in a wall or screen that admits light and air and through which customers can be served; "he stuck his head in the window"
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Available positions include ushers, gate attendants, ticket window attendants, retail workers, field crew, cashiers, cooks, kitchen and stand managers and premium-level wait staff.
They are available from Sunday to Thursday at the BA ticket window from 11 a.
Tenders are invited for painting of outside building entrance and ticket window signs.
Producer Ekta Kapoor, Sneha Rajani and director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari decided to shuffle the dates of their movies for a smooth performance at the ticket window, according to a release.
EVERTON fans are being urged to take advantage of the club's Early Bird season ticket window this week.
The new ticket provides families, especially those with young children, the opportunity to buy their tickets in advance and choose any day until the end of the year to enter the zoo without making a stop at the ticket window.
The ticket window was protected under a wide porch.
Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL), a US-based airline company, has launched a social media Ticket Window for a sale of tickets directly from its Facebook page and other social media sites.
Being a disabled person, I was disappointed to see that there was no ticket window for disabled passengers.
Permits can be purchased at the Mac Court ticket window at 8 a.
Rare is the fan who has not had the infuriating experience of being told at the ticket window that an event is sold out, only to discover plenty of tickets at agencies and online at huge markups.
A small ticket window in the JackpotBar allots 'draw tickets' at random intervals to online users.