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a. A paper slip or card indicating that its holder has paid for or is entitled to a specified service, right, or consideration: a theater ticket; an airline ticket.
b. An e-ticket.
2. A certifying document, especially a captain's or pilot's license.
3. An identifying or descriptive tag attached to merchandise; a label.
4. A list of candidates proposed or endorsed by a political party; a slate.
5. A legal notice to a person charged with a violation of law, especially a minor violation.
6. The proper or desirable thing: A change of scene would be just the ticket for us.
7. Informal A means to an end: "He went to Washington ... to become press secretary ... it was his ticket out of the Delta" (Nicholas Lamann).
tr.v. tick·et·ed, tick·et·ing, tick·ets
1. To provide with a ticket for passage or admission: ticket all passengers through to Amsterdam.
2. To attach a ticket to; tag: items that are ticketed in a pawnshop window.
3. To designate for a specified use or end; destine: funds that have been ticketed for research.
4. To serve (a person) with a notice of legal violation: ticket a speeding motorist.

[Obsolete French etiquet, label, note, from Old French estiquet, post serving as a target in certain sports, notice, label, from estiquier, to stick, of Germanic origin; see steig- in Indo-European roots.]


[ˈtɪkɪtɪŋ] nbilletterie fticket inspector ncontrôleur/euse m/fticket machine ndistributeur m de titres de transportticket office n (in theatre)billetterie f; (in railway station)guichet mticket tout nrevendeur m (au marché noir) de billets
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Those airlines that have not implemented electronic interline capabilities, 50 in all, have had their interline ticketing and baggage agreements eliminated, the airline said.