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old-fashioned informal Brit as it should be; correct; satisfactory
[C20: of obscure origin]
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(ˌtɪk ɪ tiˈbu)

adj. Brit. and Canadian Informal.
fine; OK.
[1935–40;perhaps alter. of the phrase that's the ticket]
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Millbank Venison, Annan-water Organic Lamb, Galloway Chillies and Tickety-boo Jams are a few of the treats on offer.
"We can pretend everything is hunkydory and tickety-boo and carry on regardless, or we can get on with tackling the problem."
Sheriff Mhari Mactaggart replied: "If she is able to perform on stage then her mental health must be tickety-boo. I will call for background reports but you must co-operate fully with them because it is in your best interest to do so and you must come back to court on the next date."
Heather said: "There are a lot of young people in the office and I think that keeps mum's brain tickety-boo.
TICKETY-BOO Fed-up punters make their point to board
You may think that you have everything tickety-boo but personal circumstances change, banks and building societies are constantly coming up with new products, and government is forever tinkering and sometimes revolutionising the existing landscape.
Workers at Boulby mine and Tata Steel don't think the jobs market is tickety-boo as they will shortly be forming an orderly queue behind the 2,200 former SSI workers at the local dole office.
He'd opened an Australian shiraz the night before and his senses weren't tickety-boo.
So far everything has been reasonably tickety-boo for the amateur bakers who have had to concentrate on just one skill at a time.
Small family-run outfit TicketyBrew in the north west of England has come under pressure from Crabbies, which makes alcoholic ginger beer, because it sees a likeness with the "tickety-boo" catchphrase on some of its adverts.
He's schooled well, worked well, everything is tickety-boo. I'm sure he'll run a big race.
Hong Kong International Airport (www.hongkong airport.com) wins regular accolades as one of the most efficient arrival points in the world and not just because things are monotonously tickety-boo. It is spotless, well signposted, fast and unfussy, all the things a tired traveller needs after hours of sitting in a flying tin cigar.