old-fashioned informal Brit as it should be; correct; satisfactory
[C20: of obscure origin]


(ˌtɪk ɪ tiˈbu)

adj. Brit. and Canadian Informal.
fine; OK.
[1935–40;perhaps alter. of the phrase that's the ticket]
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Eventually we were told by the head of the firm to join him outside once more as a set of Pagan-esque flags were carried to a balcony and put in place to show that our elements were now tickety-boo and this wind factory was very much open for business.
TICKETY-BOO Fed-up punters make their point to board
You may think that you have everything tickety-boo but personal circumstances change, banks and building societies are constantly coming up with new products, and government is forever tinkering and sometimes revolutionising the existing landscape.
Workers at Boulby mine and Tata Steel don't think the jobs market is tickety-boo as they will shortly be forming an orderly queue behind the 2,200 former SSI workers at the local dole office.
He'd opened an Australian shiraz the night before and his senses weren't tickety-boo.
So far everything has been reasonably tickety-boo for the amateur bakers who have had to concentrate on just one skill at a time.
He's schooled well, worked well, everything is tickety-boo.
If you can find a balance, life will feel tickety-boo for you.
com) wins regular accolades as one of the most efficient arrival points in the world and not just because things are monotonously tickety-boo.
RHONDDA MP Chris Bryant, pictured, has been reassuring those travelling to football'sWorld Cup next summer that, despite South Africa's lawless reputation, it's all going to go tickety-boo.
The 66-year-old funnyman - who runs Tickety-Boo Productions - will be performing in Glasgow on October 1 to 4 and new dates October 6 to 7.
SIR - On the issue of nuclear waste storage, two of your readers (Letters, Dec 23) seek to assure us that everything is OK and perfectly tickety-boo, as all the highly-toxic nuclear waste we have produced up until now is "safely stored in specialised containers in deep caverns".