ticking bomb

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Noun1.ticking bomb - a problematic situation that will eventually become dangerous if not addressedticking bomb - a problematic situation that will eventually become dangerous if not addressed; "India is a demographic time bomb"; "the refugee camp is a ticking bomb waiting to go off"
situation - a complex or critical or unusual difficulty; "the dangerous situation developed suddenly"; "that's quite a situation"; "no human situation is simple"
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The speed of that direction and its negative impact is getting higher and higher so we are sitting on a ticking bomb, which can explode at any time," he said.
The laborer's silence in the face of tyranny is like a ticking bomb that is ready to explode any moment.
For lactating women, stress is not only a ticking bomb for the mother but also her baby.
The local residents were protesting the construction of the terminal last week, pointing out that the terminal storing LPG would be like having a ticking bomb in their backyard.
His heart beat fills the room, As though a ticking bomb, Building up a tension, Reminders of the Somme.
Generating public deficits in a post-reunification Cyprus will result to debt accumulation which in turn "would politically and economically place a ticking bomb in the foundations of the reunified state," he said.
His family released a statement shortly after the court ruled to release him, saying, "The entire argument in the court throughout stages of the arrest was that they're dealing with a ticking bomb as it were, and it was a lie from the beginning and they led the court, the politicians and the public astray.
Even if this were the case it is the follow on of the now substantiated statistic of immigrant families having an average of four children that will be the ticking bomb.
If gas cylinders are nearby then this is a ticking bomb just waiting to explode.
They are the panic- stricken bunch for whom the brief is a burden and the deadline a ticking bomb.
Taking a leaf from the famous film, participants have 60 minutes to find and defuse the ticking bomb.
I have no cogent reason to believe the fear that Muslims will become a majority in years to come but I certainly feel that the growing population is a ticking bomb that will explode one day as no country, howsoever rich, can feed so many mouths.