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a.1.Tender; soft; nice; - now only used in tidbit.
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Meanwhile, several newspapers had reported yesterday (29) that the main suspect Sivaruban had also confessed to the TID on a conspiracy to assassinate the Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Razik says he handed over the video of speeches made by Zahran Hashim to the TID. "We were concerned that he may implement jihad in the country so we alerted the authorities," Razik said.
He said his clients opposed the TID for multiple reasons.
She added they can voice their policy and reform proposals to the government through the TID Talks.
The first priority subordinated revenue bonds are secured by a subordinate lien on TID's net revenues, after payment of principal and interest on the outstanding revenue bonds.
TID can strike both children and adults at any age.
Because we are concerned that utilities may leave this too late, we are embarking on an awareness programme by reaching out to all STS users and providing a platform that will facilitate technical support and guidance to users during the implementation of the TID rollover programme.
The Buprenorphine Sublingual Spray 0.5 mg tid indicated that the largest reduction in SPID-48 and was statistically significant to placebo (p
The Investment Dar has reiterated its willingness 'to cooperate fully with investor groups who wish to work towards a consensual solutions to TID's problems' but added that it will also continue 'vigorously defending the company's assets from attack in the courts in cases brought by a relatively small number of creditors who wish to put themselves in a preferential position'.
The suspect was taken into custody by the TID in Thambuluvil in Ampara last afternoon (24), according to the police.
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