tidal river

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Noun1.tidal river - a stream in which the effects of the tide extend far upstreamtidal river - a stream in which the effects of the tide extend far upstream
stream, watercourse - a natural body of running water flowing on or under the earth
tidewater - low-lying coastal land drained by tidal streams
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The house," she explained, "is on a sort of tongue of land, with a tidal river on either side and the sea not fifty yards away from our drawing-room window.
Nearer to the eye, the sullen flow of the tidal river Alde ebbed noiselessly from the muddy banks; and nearer still, lonely and unprosperous by the bleak water-side, lay the lost little port of Slaughden, with its forlorn wharfs and warehouses of decaying wood, and its few scattered coasting-vessels deserted on the oozy river-shore.
Tidal River Tony Mullins 5th, 2m bumper, Fairyhouse, January 14 It took a while for Tony Mullins to train his first winner of the season, finally doing so at Punchestown on Saturday, and the evidence of the weekend suggests the stable is coming into some good form.
the hamburg port authority (hpa) intends to realize the tidal river basin spadenlander busch / kreetsand within the framework of the tideelbe concept.
The effort includes design and development of an extensive flood management program--the largest of its kind--incorporating a series of fortifications, embankments, flood gates, pumping stations, outfalls and major barriers to protect London, Essex and Kent from tidal flooding along the 175km tidal River Thames.
The wisely thought-out idea of putting a revolving dance floor on a ship docked in a tidal river is remembered fondly by many.
Egglescliffe & Eaglescliffe Council website says: "First recorded in the 11th Century, Egglescliffe was a small village on the County Durham side of the tidal River Tees, with a parish church dating back in parts to the 12th Century.
Jim Keane's empty tractor was found submerged in a tidal river on his land near Listowel, Co Kerry.
14, he did so fishing a tidal river scenario not so different than Florida's St.
The tidal river barrage on the Ranee in Brittany has been operating successfully for 47 years, but it's relatively small, with only 240MW installed capacity.
Only two small conger eels showed up when Newport and District SAC fished the tidal River Usk at Coronation Park.
Liverpool had the first intercity line in the world, the first overhead line, in Liverpool Overhead Railway, and the line under the Mersey was the first to run under a tidal river.