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Noun1.tidal zone - an area subject to tidal action
zone - an area or region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic
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The main goals of this study were: 1) the comparison of the diet of both species from a taxonomic point of view; 2) the comparison between feeding habits, taking into account the habitats of prey consumed by both species (position in the water column, tidal zone, and substrate); and 3) analyzing the variation in the overlap of the diet according to the availability of prey.
Sea cliffs erode and crumble, endless waves wash up flotsam, driftwood, shells and other ocean detritus, and the tidal zone brings daily physical changes to the margins where land and sea meet and merge.
An engineer must also account for ice that can form along the entire length of the pile where each successive tide can add a new layer of ice in the tidal zone.
Sarah Moss, an associate professor of the university's writing programme, released her fifth book The Tidal Zone on July 17.
Depending on how fast sea level rises in the second half of this century, tidal flooding will become a daily occurrence in some areas; that is, those places become part of the tidal zone as opposed to useable land.
She is an astute storyteller, and in The Tidal Zone shares societal observations around her slow-burning plot.
THE TIDAL ZONE BY SARAH MOSS (Granta, paperback PS12.
Definitely one tHE TIDAL ZONE by Sarah Moss (Granta, paperback PS12.
ANOVA was also used to test for significant differences in geometric mean ENT levels by tidal zone, when beaches were grouped by the amount of wave action and by existence of a point source of pollution on or near the beach.
One could argue that all landscapes could be described in this way, but it seems particularly apt for the tidal zone, as it is always an edge, always a mix of water and land; Booker uses this in-between-ness as a metaphor for how our ideas and relationships with the bay's edge also overlap and blur over time.
Balance between seawater and fresh water in the tidal zone has been disturbed badly.