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Noun1.tide rip - a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current
turbulence, turbulency - unstable flow of a liquid or gas
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"Extremely high rise and fall of tide, wide stretches of mud-flat and the sort, sharply breaking seas and the tide rips of the west and south coasts of Korea demanded a boat that could take a pounding, would carry both freight and sail and could be depended upon to ride the seas it had to meet and which would stay right side up when left by the tide as well as when afloat.
Shrimping will be hot the first part of the month on the flats of south Pinellas late in the afternoons and into the evening as the tide rips out of lower Tampa Bay near passes.
A calm day, but we still ended up spinning through scary tide rips with 2-foot standing waves and sucking whirlpools.
From my experience on a fishing boat, I know the tide rips off the headlands eg Oxwich Point, are extremely powerful; so all we have to do is place turbines at these points and we can utilise these currents again and again.
Twice each day the entire Pacific tries to squirt itself through this half-mile-wide nozzle, generating currents of up to 16 knots with terrifying tide rips and whirlpools.
The tide rips through the river when it drains and refills the whole Great Bay estuary.
Outgoing tides, early in the day but especially in the late afternoon, will have strong currents that will provide tide rips and weed lines where crabs and shrimp will be swept out with the tide.