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Coastal land submerged during high tide.


(Physical Geography) US land between high-water and low-water marks



1. land alternately exposed and covered by the ebb and flow of the tide.
2. Often, tidelands. submerged offshore land within the territorial waters of a region.
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Noun1.tideland - land near the sea that is overflowed by the tide
coast, seacoast, sea-coast, seashore - the shore of a sea or ocean
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Waldrip, a former frontiersman roaming from Arizona to Alaska to Alberta trying his hand as a gold miner, pharmacist, blacksmith, and Army horse breeder, settled on oystering with a 300-acre tideland title in the late 1880s.
Tideland treasure; a naturalist's guide to the beaches and salt marshes of Hilton Head Island and the Atlantic Coast, 3d ed.
TIDELAND Signal is the world's leading manufacturer of aids to marine navigation (AtoN), developing equipment to high performance standards and with the reliability needed to withstand the harsh marine environment.
The TF-3B MicroPower Omnibus II Flasher/Lampchanger from Tideland Signal Corp, Houston, features a turret made of 30 per cent glass-filled KetaSpire KT-880 polyetheretherketone (Peek) resin from Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC for high-heat resistance and exceptional dimensional stability.
40pm - 1am) Black comedy, starring Tim Allen 2002 Tideland
Gilliam has grown more experimental in recent years with such fare as Tideland and The Brothers Grimm.
En parte desesperacion, en parte necesidad de reivindicacion frente a sus admiradores, Tideland (Estados Unidos; 2005) le sirvio de antidoto a Terry Gilliam para contrarrestar el veneno de la pelea contra las productores de la costosa, espectacular y sosa Los hermanos Grimm.
The filmmaker is Terry Gilliam, and the film, Tideland, an alternately boring and creepy film that does not do Saskatchewan proud.
10 Films in the pipeline include Terry Gilliam's Tideland and the animated comedy Surf's Up, due next year.
But with Tideland and The Brothers Grimm he has achieved the unusual feat of having two films competing at two of Europe's most revered autumn festivals.
It seems that the sacrificed tideland was a nursery for the young of various species and the smaller creatures that make up the base of the Ariake's food chain.
As for wetlands to be newly included, the ministry named Miyajima swamp in Bibai, Hokkaido, and Fujimae tideland in Nagoya.