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adj. ti·di·er, ti·di·est
a. Orderly and clean in appearance: keeps the apartment tidy.
b. Given to keeping things clean and in order: a tidy housekeeper.
2. Informal Adequate; satisfactory: a tidy arrangement.
3. Informal Substantial; considerable: a tidy sum.
v. ti·died, ti·dy·ing, ti·dies
To clean or put in order: tidied up the house.
To make things clean or orderly: tidied up after dinner.
n. pl. ti·dies
A decorative protective covering for the arms or headrest of a chair.

[Middle English tidi, in season, healthy, from tide, time; see tide1.]

ti′di·ly adv.
ti′di·ness n.
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a person who tidies
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"We might be tidier, mightn't we, sir?" said the cheerful clerk; "but when you're in a lost corner of a place like this, what are you to do?
No more wondering which pub he's dropped into on his way home from work, no more battles over the toilet seat, no more pandering to his ego, a tidier house, a Brexit settlement, a fair society and business, high finance and governments run with ethics and morality.
The nine-year-old said: "I want to try to make Annan healthier and tidier for those who live here."
'Jackanapes' is a cheeky chap with a flourish of yellow/orange and red flowers but with a tidier and more compact habit than some of the larger varieties such as 'Lucifer'.
I think I'm quite strong in the saddle, can get a horse rolling and keep him going, and I need to work on my style, need to look tidier."
They look much tidier than standard lupins, which grow to 1.2m and can end up straggly.
The model features a chiselled and less bulbous front end featuring different headlamps with optional LED tech and Buick's new and more modern corporate winged-grille instead of the more traditional waterfall unit, a tidier rear bumper and redesigned dashboard.
Despite being a type of honeysuckle, it is not a rambling climbing plant but a shrub with a tidier habit.
On the list of Lifehack.com "50 New Year's Resolution Ideas and How to Achieve Each of Them" become tidier is #18.
Jamie and I started with the beds around the house, which are beginning to look very much tidier, though bare.
In 1970-71, I worked for Demag Foerdertechnik in Germany on the development of an equivalent, but smaller and tidier system known as CabinTaxi (CAT).