tie rod

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tie rod

1. A metal rod that joins and reinforces parts in a structure.
2. Either of two metal rods or arms used to control the orientation of the front wheels in certain automotive steering systems.

tie rod



(Mechanical Engineering) any rod- or bar-shaped structural member designed to prevent the separation of two parts, as in a vehicle

tie′ rod`

an iron or steel rod serving as a structural tie.
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Noun1.tie rod - either of two rods that link the steering gear to the front wheels
rod - a long thin implement made of metal or wood
steering linkage - mechanism consisting of a system of rods and levers connected to the front wheels of a motor vehicle; the steering gear pushes it left or right which swivels the front wheels, causing the vehicle to turn
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Tenders are invited for supply of screw conveyor tie rods for ball tube mills for stage-ii&iii/ dr.Nttps.
[USPRwire, Thu Aug 01 2019] Automotive tie rods are the integral part of vehicle steering mechanism.
Summary: These factor are expected to boost the growth of the automotive tie rods market.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because an assembly problem has allowed some cars to leave the factory without proper tightening of the bolts that attach the rear tie rods to the hub.
Rugged, the vehicle's forks feature a push-type linkage and durable tie rods to absorb high impact shocks caused by uneven floors.
This mechanism basically consists of two relay levers, one track rod, two tie rods and two steering arms as seen in Fig.
I've replaced my tie rods after finding a little play in them, and I've checked my CV joints and axles, and they all looked good.
Pressure is applied to the tie rods via a specially designed upper bolster/casting unit with prefill tank and valve.
* High-tensile steel tie rods with rolled threads for added strength and corrosion resistance.
The Mueller AquaGrip System includes both the compression connection and restraint system in one convenient installation package, eliminating the need for anchor couplings, tie rods or separate gland-type restraints.
A new addition to the Harris line, the HS125125 features a low-profile design, an interlocking housing fabrication for strength, massive front and back wall castings designed for long life, tie rods for additional midsection strength and a heavy-duty, dual-feed roll system.
The SFD 15 pump is designed for vertical upward flow and can be mounted by the extended tie rods supplied.