tie tack

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tie tack

A short pin with a decorative head, used to attach a tie to a shirt front by means of a snap or chain.

tie tack





(Clothing & Fashion) US a pin used to fasten a tie to the front of a shirt

tie′ tack`

(or tac`),

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Noun1.tie tack - a pin used to hold the tie in place
pin - a piece of jewelry that is pinned onto the wearer's garment

tie tack

n (Am) → fermacravatta m inv
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One of the things I received recently was my father's zippo lighter from that same trip (custom lighters, pins and tie-tacks were often used to commemorate a trip with the president).
Dad has a frame full of tie-tacks and pins that were given to him during his travels including a few PT-109 tie-tacks.