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tr. & intr.v. tight·ened, tight·en·ing, tight·ens
To make or become tight or tighter.

tight′en·er n.
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Soliance, a unit of Givaudan Active Beauty, has introduced Easyliance, which it calls an instant skin tightener.
As Jerry explains, "The adjustment mechanism is a repurposed cargo-strap tightener that has a coarse-thread (8 threads per inch) screw that pulls and pushes a carriage along its length.
Jimmy fitted it with adjustable sights, Beavertail safety, group tightener, trigger job, satin nickel finish--essentially everything to make it a first-class pistol.
For a natural rescue remedy, egg white is a great under-eye skin tightener.
CollaBoost contains a unique algae-based two-in-one skin tightener for instant tightening effects on the skin; and at the same time, it provides a long term effect by helping to increase the moisturization capacity of the skin.
As I watched the leader of the pack of children at work, I dubbed him Maestro Socador--Master Tightener.
the worker has become the slave of the machine, and that mass production has engulfed us in materialism, converted the craftsman into the tightener of the bolt, and robbed the world of beauty .
Also isometric workout done on a plank is a great tummy tightener.
In addition to coming up with innovative products such as the slide tightener, headspace eliminator, wide link and spherical bushing, Hoenig designed the majority of the tooling and fixtures for the Combat Special and the Signature Series.
3) Alice Shaw holds a rope bed tightener in one of the bedrooms at Waters Farm.
These will include an undereye skin lightener and tightener, as well as a "neuro-relaxer" for the area around the eyes.
Grease fittings that lube the fan bearing and fan belt tightener are hard to find.