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 (tī′gən) also ti·glon (-glən)
The hybrid offspring of a male tiger and a female lion.

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(ˈtaɪɡən) or


(Animals) the hybrid offspring of a male tiger and a female lion
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Noun1.tigon - offspring of a male tiger and a female lion
big cat, cat - any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild
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At the time of an ethical breakdown, a person has a need to consciously consider or reason about what he or she must do, and this shakes the person out of the everydayness of being moral (Tigon, 2007).
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That audience feedback, coupled with Diesel's determination, convinced U to partner on "Riddick." Meanwhile, Diesel had identified what had gone wrong with "Chronicles," ditching the space-opera theatrics in favor of a purer genre movie designed to appease fans of "Pitch Black" and the two hit Riddick videogames produced by Diesel's own Tigon Studios.
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