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 (tī′gən) also ti·glon (-glən)
The hybrid offspring of a male tiger and a female lion.


(ˈtaɪɡən) or


(Animals) the hybrid offspring of a male tiger and a female lion
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Noun1.tigon - offspring of a male tiger and a female lion
big cat, cat - any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild
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The Eurotech Aurora Tigon v4 is the flagship product of the Eurotech hybrid HPC systems line and its new model adds support for the second generation Intel Xeon Phi Processor to the configuration options.
Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP)--provides an abstraction layer on top of Hadoop and other open source infrastructure, such as HBase, Hive, Tephra, and Tigon, that enables developers to rapidly build, and operations to easily manage, real-time and batch data applications
Tenders are invited for Hammer Handle Tigon, Seasoned Hard, Wood Polister Non Slip Hammer Handle From Class-I Timber Is 620/196 Size 400X90 Grms Make Manisha,Kennedy, Dolphin
Meanwhile, Diesel had identified what had gone wrong with "Chronicles," ditching the space-opera theatrics in favor of a purer genre movie designed to appease fans of "Pitch Black" and the two hit Riddick videogames produced by Diesel's own Tigon Studios.
By 1966, Tenser had left Compton to set up the independent production company Tigon, which produced landmark British horror films like Witchfinder General (Reeves 1968) and Blood on Satan's Claw (Haggard 1971).
INITIAL LIGHT BULB Four CU-Boulder aerospace grad students--Alec Velazco, Cody Humbargar, Eric Serani and Derek Hillery--studying under Jean Koster developed a hybrid propulsion system for aircraft and spun it off as startup TIGON Enertec last year.
1984: A Paris tiger park announced the birth of the world's first tigon, the offspring of a tiger and a lioness.
Internally to treat indigestion Tigon women Anti-inflammatory (it is not clear whether it is ingested or applied topically for this purpose) Tigon men To treat sick animals (when the sickness is unknown) Fulani women Anti-malarial (in men only) Fulani men As a mouthwash (in conjunction with another herb) to treat toothache Figure 2: The uses of wildcrafted plants Medicine (humans) 73% Medicine (animals) 4% Food 11% Cultural 10% Materials 2% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Their success inspired other studios, such as Amicus and Tigon, to jump on the bandwagon.
Studying cases of natural occurrences, somewhat natural instances like the liger and tigon, and the potential of humanity in hybrids and chimeras.
Ubisoft, Midway and Tigon Studios announce that Wheelman(TM), the action-packed driving game featuring film star Vin Diesel as undercover agent and expert driver-for-hire Milo Burik, has shipped and is available at retailers now.
In 2002, he founded Tigon Studios who brought us the superb Chronicles Of Riddick games - keep an eye out for another in the series in the next few months.