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n. pl. ti·kis
1. Tiki Mythology A male figure in Polynesian myth, sometimes identified as the first man.
2. A wooden or stone image of a Polynesian god.
3. A Maori figurine representing an ancestor, often intricately carved from greenstone and worn about the neck as a talisman.
Of or relating to a simulated or stereotyped representation of Polynesian culture characterized by bamboo, palm fronds, tiki figures, and tropical or exotic themes: a tiki bar; tiki drinks.

[Maori tiki, Tiki, tiki; akin to Marquesan Tiki, image, statue, tiki, and Tahitian ti'i and Hawaiian ki'i, image, statue.]


(Anthropology & Ethnology) an amulet or figurine in the form of a carved representation of an ancestor, worn in some Māori cultures
(intr) NZ to take a scenic tour around an area
[from Māori]


(ˈti ki)

n., pl. -kis.
(in Polynesian cultures) a carved image, as of a god or ancestor, sometimes worn as a pendant.
[1777; < Maori]
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And, without telling you the scrape I got into at Taki- Tiki, except that I sailed away with two hundred kinky-heads for Queensland labour, and for my manner of collecting them had two British ships of war combing the Pacific for me, I changed my course and ran to the westward thinking to dispose of the lot to the Spanish plantations on Bangar.
com)-- The Best Western Aku Tiki Inn announces available hotel rooms for upcoming events in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Martin and Rebecca Cate, founders and owners of the San Francisco Tiki bar Smuggler's Cove, take readers on a journey into the lore and legend of Tiki: its birth as an escapist fantasy for Depression-era Americans; how exotic cocktails were invented, stolen and re-invented; Hollywood starlets and scandals; and Tiki's modern-day revival.
He was also handed a 16-week suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay PS1,729 costs after admitting causing unnecessary suffering and subjecting Tiki to physical trauma.
It's their second day back at school since the hurricane and they're excited, although it's a little scary because they don't know anybody,'' Tiki says.
Blaine Lansberry, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for the Best Western Aku Tiki Inn, states, "We are honored to receive this recognition from Best Western.
The $14 craft cocktails are served in plastic Tiki mugs that guests can take home.
The now-healthy Tiki was chosen to meet the His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester when he opened the RSPCA's flagship animal centre and hospital in Birmingham.
Blaine Lansberry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Best Western Aku Tiki Inn, states, "We are excited to host bikers at our hotel for another year.
Landlord Keith Marsden said the tiki bar would remain throughout the summer.