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n. pl. ti·kis
1. Tiki Mythology A male figure in Polynesian myth, sometimes identified as the first man.
2. A wooden or stone image of a Polynesian god.
3. A Maori figurine representing an ancestor, often intricately carved from greenstone and worn about the neck as a talisman.
Of or relating to a simulated or stereotyped representation of Polynesian culture characterized by bamboo, palm fronds, tiki figures, and tropical or exotic themes: a tiki bar; tiki drinks.

[Maori tiki, Tiki, tiki; akin to Marquesan Tiki, image, statue, tiki, and Tahitian ti'i and Hawaiian ki'i, image, statue.]
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(Anthropology & Ethnology) an amulet or figurine in the form of a carved representation of an ancestor, worn in some Māori cultures
(intr) NZ to take a scenic tour around an area
[from Māori]
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(ˈti ki)

n., pl. -kis.
(in Polynesian cultures) a carved image, as of a god or ancestor, sometimes worn as a pendant.
[1777; < Maori]
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And, without telling you the scrape I got into at Taki- Tiki, except that I sailed away with two hundred kinky-heads for Queensland labour, and for my manner of collecting them had two British ships of war combing the Pacific for me, I changed my course and ran to the westward thinking to dispose of the lot to the Spanish plantations on Bangar.
I also wanted to see if the end results would actually look like tikis before extrapolating it to a full class project.
WE BEGAN THIS PROJECT by researching the history of tikis and looking up images online.
Once students had sufficient background knowledge on tikis, we had to tackle the difference between additive and subtractive sculpture.
In a show that runs through July 31 at the Alder Gallery in Coburg, Harris presents a dozen tongue-slightly-in-cheek Tikis. Yes, the god of Polynesian pop culture and Trader Vic's has come to life in Coburg, and it's given Harris a new artistic lease on life.
Well, his Tikis aren't likely to be mistaken for bowls or vases.
Harris sandblasts the Tikis' surfaces, he dips them in acid, he sprinkles them with glass powder, he coats them with aluminum foil and burns it into the surface.
Taste is the enemy of creativeness," said Picasso, who acquired his first Marquesan tiki in 1910 and later filled his art studio with tikis and other primitive carvings.
They had lights that looked like puffer fish, sea shell strands, tropical plants, Edward Leeteg Tahitian paintings [of exotic women in tropical settings painted on black velvet] hanging on the walls and of course there was the booze." Sweet tropical concoctions were served in eccentric and grotesque mugs shaped like tikis, coconuts and even native girls.
Daytona Beach, FL, July 27, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The Best Western Aku Tiki Inn announces the completion of phase I of their 2017 renovations.
The renovations include new carpeting and seating areas as well as incorporating wood elements into the new seating and tables to keep with the tiki theme.
But those who were out to cleanse the landscape of the last of "Tiki" style didn't count on the likes of Sven Kirsten, "Bamboo Ben," Kevin Bullat or Jeff "Biff" Butler.